Thirteen years after Bend it like Beckham, has time come for the the first female to win FIFA goal of the year award?

4 03 2015

[MISSION POSSIBLE: You are taking part in a radio/ TV programme or a debate on the issue. Drawing on the opening of the movie and the documents you’ve been working on, imagine the scene and play it out (possible roles: programme host, sport commentator, Stephanie Roche, her coach…)]

1. Learn more about diversity in the United Kingdom (click on ‘sommaire’ and choose no.:3).

education et numerique

2. Can you bend a ball? Watch the clip and find out.

3. Watch the trailer looking carefully for hints about topic and themes.  Sum up the story simply in three sentences. Draw a parallel with the movie title if you can. 

4. Bend it like Beckham Musical is soon to come to the West End. Watch this interview with Gurinder Chadha, writer & director, and Howard Goodall, composer and fill in the script HERE.

4. Watch the opening of the movie and do these  EXERCISES Find HERE a worksheet on exclamatory sentences.


5. See how tactful and sensitive a coach Joe can be (scene 1:24 to 3:58). Use this as a source of inspiration for your skit (read more HERE

6. Continue watching the video and concentrate on the scene at  5:31 –7:16. Find the script and more activities HERE



7. In this video, Tim tells you more about tonality. Listen to him and find HERE a worksheet  made.

8. Do you know what a “dink” is? Listen to the audio recording and fill in these EXPLANATIONS

9. Watch Stephanie Roche’s goal, one of the 10 FIFA Puskas 2014 nominees. Can you make up a commentary to go with the images (use this VOCABULARY)?

10. Click on the pic to read more about Stephanie and her wonder goal. Use the article to imagine an interview with Stephanie.



Para-Athletes: Universal Role-Models?

18 09 2014

1. What do you know about the Paralympic Games? Click on the pic and find out.

Paralympic History fact file 

2. Watch this trailer and do these ACTIVITIES

3.  Oscar Pistorius: The Man Behind the Brand.



Sport is Great!

3 09 2014

1. Click on the pic to access some activities about sport in the UK.











2. Click on the cartoon to find out about “Title IX” and its effects in the US.   



3.  Look carefully at the pic below and make a short presentation. Click on the cartoon to find some help.

'And the Oscar goes to........Jail.'

4. Learn more on Oscar Pistorius’ story.

Will Brazil score better than South Africa?

15 04 2014

1. Why are Brazilians protesting?

2. What does Ronaldo say about the protests in Brazil?

3. What was wrong with the ADIDAS T-shirts?

4. Will Brazil do better than South Africa in 2010? 




Football & Social Inclusion

18 02 2014

1. How does football help Jess get through her life?


2. Why do you think FIFA chose this song for South Africa 2010?

3. One year after the 2010 cup, what is the legacy for South Africa?

4. Can football help further tolerance? Explain.

Women and Sport

8 01 2014

1. Have a look at this timeline, you’ll find lots of interesting information.



2. Listen to Brandi Chastain talking about body image and briefly sum up what she say.

3. Watch the opening scene from the movie Girl Fight and draw a detailed portrait of Diana.

4. Watch this interview with Christine Ohugouru and sum up what she says about training.




Globalization, a force for good?

10 09 2013

1. Listen to this man from Connecticut reading his favorite poem, The song of the Banana Man. Pick out details about  this man, the topic of the poem and the reasons why he particularly likes it.

2. Click on the pic below to read an excerpt from Rule of the Bone, by Russell Banks.

3. The globalization of reggae stirs up a familiar debate around cultural politics. From jazz to rock to hip-hop, white artists have negotiated the thorny boundaries of performing in a genre they didn’t invent. Sicily-born Alborosie says he needed to go to Jamaica and talk the talk. He was the first white artist to be distributed by Bob Marley’s label, Tuff Gong, but he says being embraced by the Jamaican music community did not come easily.

4. Sport and Social Responsibility. Watch the video and make notes to sum up Jamie Lawrence’s story.

5. Find here his story in writing. Click on the pic below.


4 06 2013

1. Watch the clip and do the activities on your worksheet

2. Click on the pic below to access the worksheet.

Not Just a Pretty Face: Women in Sport.

21 05 2013

1. Watch this video  promoting a documentary  on great grand prix racing heroes. The stories of these great men are narrated by a name synonymous with motoracing, “Sir Stirling Moss”.

2. First woman in the history of NASCAR Sprint Cup to qualify in pole position for the 2013  Daytona 500 race.

3. As racing driver Susie Wolff prepares to test drive a Formula 1 car, ex-World Champion Damon Hill tells Channel 4 News it is “inevitable” women will eventually compete with the men for the top title.

4. Click on the image below to do a listening exercise on the video above.






5. Click on the pic below to study two texts on women in sport.

Life and Debt

2 04 2013

1. Watch the trailer to this documetary film and: a. say what are the two Jamaica it shows; b. you’re on a trip to Jamaica; on the plane you strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger: imagine the dialogue. 

2. Economist, Adam Smith, used the term The Invisible Hand to describe the self-regulating nature of the market place – a core concept for so-called free-marketeers. Watch the clip and then sum up what you understood.

3. Watch these clips from the documentary and say what free trade brought to Jamaica.

4. “The issue is to make globalization work for all. There will be no good future for the rich without prospects for a better future for the poor. ” Comment on this sentence by the then IMF director. Then read this contribution by Linton Kwesi Johnson (click on the picture below).