The Handamaid’s Tale: The opening

11 10 2020

1. Listen to the audio recording of the first chapter. Read along as you listen HERE

2. Watch the trailer and list any dystopian elements you can spot (consider the voiceover, images and dialog). 

3. Margaret Atwood’s chilling vision of a dystopian regime has captured readers’ imaginations since its publication in 1985. What explains its success? Try the QUIZ.

Healthy Living

18 12 2018

1. What are the key messages of the guide? Find out more HERE and do these EXERCISES

2. Obesity, a global epidemic (AFP, 2012) Do this test HERE

2. Major supermarket bans candy from checkouts ( Do these ACTIVITIES as you listen. 

3. How different Grandpa’s lifestyle used to be? What has changed today? Do you think ads like this are helpful? Do these ACTIVITIES  

4. Look carefully at the cartoon for 2 minutes. Then use this HELP to describe it in detail. Click on the pic to read more about this  subject and analyse the visual further.


5. Can all Americans  actually eat healthy?




EU Migrant Crisis

13 11 2017

1. How long do you think  their joy will last? Read more HERE

2. Who is Alem? Read more HERE

3. What’s Aar Maanta’s message to Somali youths?

4. This song is  about the dangers of crossing to Yemen and Europe. 

When Trade is Fair

14 05 2017

1. How much do you know about Fair Trade? Watch the clip and answer the 5W1H questions. Find out more HERE

2. How much power does the consumer have? 

3. Briefly describe the poster and explain the goals of this campaign.

4. Watch the video and sum up its content and message.

5. How are footballs made? And what do footballs have to do with Fair Trade?

Destination Rochester

22 03 2016

1. We visit Leeds Castle on Day Two of our trip (find more info HERE). Here is the trip programme.

2. Welcome to Rochester, Dickens’ favorite city (do this online exercise HERE and learn more)  .

3. We’ll take a walk around Charles Dickens’s London (you can walk in Oliver Twist’s footsteps HERE).

4. English Romantic poet John Keats lived in this house for two years.

5. We visit Cambridge on day four of our trip.

6. Adult Learning Programmer Matthew Morgan speaking about The Fighting Temeraire (find out more about the Romantic tradition in British painting HERE)

7. Art critic and broadcaster Andrew Graham Dixon speaks  about the painter, his methods and legacy (find out more HERE)

8. Do you need a little help with the language? 


Is the true meaning of Christmas getting lost?

16 12 2015

1. The holiday season can be a stressful time.

2. What does CBS contributor Bill Flanagan think?

3. Well, Sainsbury’s thinks Christmas is a time for sharing.

4. Why not buy nothing for Christmas this year?

Rise above it-Buy nothing Xmas

5. You don’t have to buy a gift to give a gift!



Don’t lose your faith in humankind

10 09 2015

1. Can poetry help us understand the tide of news that we contend with each day?

2. Meet Chris Cleave, creator of Little Bee a most memorable and provocative character.

3. Listen to an excerpt from the audio book (courtesy of


4. Here you can read the first chapter of the book (for free:)


5. Listen to this song by British Klezmer band Oi Vai Voi.

6. Can you identify the narrative style of a piece of literature?

EU Migrant Crisis: Can Humanity Prevail?

9 09 2015

1. Watch the video and make a short oral account of the situation (you can also use this PRESS REVIEW ).

2. Can you tell the central character’s story and relate this song to the current events in Europe? You’ll find the song’s lyrics & lots more HERE

3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine an interview with the cartoonists.


b. cartoon-EU-Moved-by-toddler-death

4. See how some ordinary EU citizens are getting involved. What can you do?

a. Oliver, a British student, is at the Hungary-Austria border helping migrants reach Germany.

b. A British teacher is bringing poetry to the ‘Jungle’.


5. Anglo-Jamaican poet Benjamin Zephaniah and UKIP leader Nigel Farage debate immigration.

The Chauvet Cave Replica Opens

26 04 2015

Follow BBC science correspondent Rebecca Morelle as she gets the extremely rare privilege to visit both the replica and the original cave.

In Search of the Dream

18 03 2015

1. Listen and take notes. Can you sum up the video  [Where? When? Who? What? +/- Why? How?]

2. Is today’s American Dream a mythical concept or still a reality? How different is the Dream today? Compare Francisco’s,  Jaritza’s and  Tyquan’s stories with Isabel’s parents’ Dream. 

3. How do they define the Dream? Listen and make a few notes.

4. What’s the New American Dream?