Wanting to break free

11 12 2019

1. What were women’s roles in 1950s’ America? Read more HERE.


2. Analyse and discuss this 1961 ad. How are gender roles portrayed? Click on the pic for some help.

3. What makes the scene important in the story? Read more HERE.   

Take our tour

14 11 2019

1. Ardèche, be amazed! You work with the Ardèche Tourist Board. Choose one of the following tasks.  a. Devise and present a brochure/ leaflet/ poster… for the responsible tourist to Ardèche. b. You are a travel writer and want to promote sustainable tourism in Ardèche. Make a video for your vlog. c. Give your own guided tour speech of a tourist site in Aubenas or Ardèche.

2. Being a tour guide is a very important job. Click on the pick blow. These pages will help you learn some important vocabulary and phrases that you can use with your English-speaking tourists.

3. Giving a tour guide speech requires some preparation. Check out this example.

4. Do you fancy taking a literary tour of New York? Click on the map below and take the tour!




The end of the party

3 11 2019

1. How much do you know about Halloween history? Take this QUIZ.

2. Why has Airbnb decided to ban ‘party houses’? Read more HERE

3. What is the message of this ad? Why do you think it was made? Find out more HERE.

 4. Learn more about the Fairbnb coop HERE.  You are in charge of the Fairbnb campaign to promote its platform with regional tourist boards. Make a speech to convince the Ardèche tourist board officials to adopt the coop as one of their official partners.

Space Tourism

10 10 2019

1. Is space tourism a real possibility? 

2. Who is winning the race? Read more HERE.

3. Practice and test your listening skills with newsinlevels.com

There is power in a union

19 03 2019

1. What are these women fighting for? Find the transcript HERE. Do some exercises HERE.

2. How does Rita manage to persuade the men to back the women’s strike? Read more HERE

3. The Ford women machinists finally get to meet Barbara Castle—Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. How does that meeting go? Find out more HERE.


4. What role did Margaret Thatcher play in Billy Bragg’s life? Where does the song’s title come from? Find the transcrip HERE

5. What happens when a group of lesbians and gays decide to support the striking miners? Read more HERE.

6. Why did Nissan workers refuse to join the union? Read more HERE

18 12 2018

1. Obesity, a global epidemic (AFP, 2012)

2. Removing temptation from shopping.

The Spirits of Christmas

13 12 2018

1. Listen carefully for the missing words. Fill in the gaps HERE

2. Watch Richard Williams’ animated adaptation of Charles Dickens’ timeless seasonal parable. Read an EXCERPT from the original.

3. Watch the trailer for another adaptation of the story and do this listening exercise.

4. What is the ‘Church of Stop Shopping’? What do they do?

5. Listen to the poet and fill in the gaps HERE

Ending Plastic Pollution

23 04 2018

1. The origins of plastic.

2. Plastic is both a wonderful invention and a scourge on our planet. Read the script HERE

3. Trace the life cycles of three different plastic bottle and take the TEST

4. What can YOU do to help? Why not make a SPEECH?

5. Can kids sue the government over the environment? Read MORE



Shorter Days, Bigger Profits?

25 11 2017

1. Why do we need more time? Find the lyrics HERE

2. Can a shorter workday actually bring big gains for employees and employers?

3. A four-day workweek: FOR & AGAINST

EU Migrant Crisis

13 11 2017

1. How long do you think  their joy will last? Read more HERE

2. Who is Alem? Read more HERE

3. What’s Aar Maanta’s message to Somali youths?

4. This song is  about the dangers of crossing to Yemen and Europe.