Don’t buy. Share.

5 11 2017

1. What is the shared economy?

2. Do you have to pay tax on the extra money you earn from sharing goods and services?

3. Do you know what WWOOF is? Read more HERE

4. What is the perfect way of travelling? Find out more

5. Many new projects are being crowdfunded these days. Find out more

Social Gaps

1 10 2017

1. Is the gap between rich and poor widening? Learn more HERE 

2. What details in the opening scene show the film’s theme of economic inequality?

3. To what extent do the two main characters here portray the economic contrast of black and white Americans?

4. How do you become a trader? What exactly is it that the Dukes brothers do?

5. What happens at the end of ‘Trading Places’?

Remembering My first Job Experience

11 09 2017

1. Rita is a STEP-UP trainee. Watch the video and draw her profile. Fill in a MIND MAP.

2. Click on the pic to read about another STEP-UP intern’s experience. Read a book excerpt 

3. Who is James Bodanis? How many apprentices do they have at Humber? What are they training to be? What options do they have there? What else did you learn about this apprentice center? 

4. Grocery Store Clerk. What does Bob’s job consist in? 

5. Everyone remembers their first job, even Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. What about you? Do you have a story to tell?

What voice for Europe?

5 09 2017

1. What language do European citizens think is the most useful? Read more HERE.

2. Click to listen to this recording & then take the QUIZ

3. What is the best language to learn in Europe? Read more HERE

4. Your MISSION: make a video to promote EDL or a European language.

Back to School

4 09 2017

1. Click on the poster to find some useful information.

2. Why so many smiling students in France? Click on the pic to find out.

3. What’s the best way to learn a language? Is a doctor the answer? Read more HERE

4. How can young people travel around Europe?  What are the advantages of sharing a flat?

5. What is the European Day of Languages? Click on the banner and then do the QUIZ 

When Trade is Fair

14 05 2017

1. How much do you know about Fair Trade? Watch the clip and answer the 5W1H questions. Find out more HERE

2. How much power does the consumer have? 

3. Briefly describe the poster and explain the goals of this campaign.

4. Watch the video and sum up its content and message.

5. How are footballs made? And what do footballs have to do with Fair Trade?

Customer Service

20 01 2017

1. What’s wrong with customer service in this shop?

2. What makes for great customer service in the US? Do we have the same expectations in France? Fill in this TABLE

3. Click below for some online customer service vocabulary exercises.

4. What lessons can you learn from these scenes?

5. The man who made a fortune selling on street corners. Read more HERE

The man with no name

19 01 2017

1. Watch a biography video about Clint Eastwood. Take a few notes to sum up key facts. You can use these GRAMMAR PAGES. Find HERE a model answer (gap-fill exercise) 

2. He plays a grumpy old man in Gran Torino.

3. The Man With No Name BBC 1977 Documentary


Time to enter the modern world?

16 01 2017

1. Watch the video and sum up the arguments for and against Sunday trading.

2. Click on the poster to read more on the topic. Find HERE a few pages on jobs and working conditions.

3. This is a toxic issue in the UK too. Find out more by clicking below.


Come and join. This is now British curry.

10 01 2017

1. Watch the video and answer these QUESTIONS

2. As for British curry, all the ingredients of this national recipe are equally important.