The Virgin Queen

12 11 2020

1. Was Elizabeth I destined to become queen? Watch the video and take the QUIZ.

2. Elizabeth is proclaimed Queen of England. Study a literary text about her childhood HERE.

The British Royal Family

1 11 2020

1. Listen carefully and take notes. How many questions could you answer? Make up your own Royal Quiz and act out a similar scene with a class mate. Study a ‘royal’ text HERE.

2. And they lived royally ever after … Check your understanding of the video HERE.

3. Why does Britain still have a Royal Family? Answer these QUESTIONS.

4. Click on the cartoon to do some grammar and vocabulary exercises.


Halloween: why some people like to be frightened

13 10 2020

1. Test your knowledge of Halloween. Do this LISTENING GAP FILL

2. Learn more about Halloween history? Watch the video and do these EXERCISES

3. Listen to psychologist Frank Farley explaining why some people like to be frightened and write out a short account.


4. Will trick-or-treating still be possible in California this year?


Not a little girl anymore!

4 10 2020

YOUR TASK: choose one option (A or B, HERE) and make an oral presentation using any visual or digital media you think necessary!

1. Describe the characters and sum up the story. Find it in writing HEREWhat are the main steps of a fairy tale?

2. What’s different in this version (0:56 – 1:56)? Read it in print HERE.

3. Listen to Roald Dahl’s retelling of the story. Find the text HERE

4. Click below to work on your grammar.


Twisted Tales

9 09 2020

YOUR TASK: You write a comment on the IMDb page of a TV series or a film you have just watched. Give your opinion on the adaptation and highlight how the story has changed or evolved, for better or for worse!

1. Click on the pick and memorize as many words as you can.

2. What are the ingredients of a classic fairy tale? Watch the video, then try this EXERCISE

3. What’s going on in this video? Answer the 5Ws & 1H. Is Peter Pan a fairy tale? Explain.

4. Who are the 3 princesses? Take notes and compare them. Read more about modernizing fairy tales HERE

5. Which Disney movies does British actress Keira Knightley  allow her 3-year-old daughter to watch? Why?


Fire is catching

8 06 2020

1. Do you know the story? Try summarizing it using a SWBST chart.

2. Why were the “Games” decreed? Read more HERE.

3. Who is Katniss Everdeen? Try completing this CHARACTER MAP.

Claiming that kerb space

5 06 2020

1. What is changing in cities around Europe? What are some of the reasons for this makeover? Do a reading comprehension exercise HERE.

2. What role could two-wheels play in London in the future? What is at stake for Londoners?

3. Freddie Mercury was inspired to write this song after watching a stage of the 1978 Tour de France. Read a PASSAGE from American novelist Ernest Hemingway, also a fan. Practise your grammar skills HERE

4. Ridley Scott on his very first movie.

What’s your reading personality?

10 09 2019

1. Take this quiz and find out more about your reading personality. Read more HERE 

2. What are you reading this week? Click on the pic and share your reads on Instagram.

3. What happens when you open a book? Read more about the poem HERE


English and you

3 09 2019

1. Meeting people. Do the exercise, then  create and act out your own dialogue with a classmate. Now let’s get to know each other better.

2. How have you been? Watch the video and listen for useful expressions. Then create a similar skit with a classmate.

3. As you watch the video, take down at least 3 different reasons why people learn English. Then choose one speaker and imagine what else they could say about their relationship with English. Speak for at least 1 minute and record yourself. 


4. Going back to school is deadly in some places. Why is Cameroon at war with itself over English? Read more HERE

The Incredible Journey

3 05 2019

1. Watch the clip and say who  the main characters are. What is the rabbit-proof fence? Fill in the gaps HERE

2. What is the Rabbit-Proof Fence movie about? Who are the “stolen generations”? What happened to them? Answer a few more questions HERE

3. What was life at the Moore River Native Settlement like for the Aborigines?

4. How does the Chief Protector of Aborigines justify their treatment?