Let’s go to the theatre!

29 02 2016

1. On March, Friday 11 we are going to see the new play by the Quorum Theatre Company! Read the screenplay HERE Click on the poster to get access to activities and exercises.

poa poster 3

2. Much ado about nothing.

3. The rhythm of the heart.

Romanticism, the art of the heart.

9 02 2016

1. What is Romanticism in art? Watch the video and find out. You can also use this PAGE.

2. For some critics this painting marks the beginning of the Romantic period in art.

3. What England is Constable showing us in this piece?

4. A very different vision by Turner? Here is a POEM by Stevenson to take along on the journey.

5. Turner and Constable: Who was the greater artist?

6. Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, by Caspar David Friedrich (1818) is a quintessential Romantic painting. How well does this POEM fit the picture?


The Romantic Loser

7 01 2016

1. What is the Romantic Period all about? Have a look at this TIMELINE as well.

2. Here is a short bio of second-generation Romantic poet John Keats.


3. Listen to Ben Whishaw’s rendering of Keats ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci.’ Find HERE some help on English poetry. 


4. Actor Ben Whishaw discusses how he prepared for the role of John Keats


The writer in his/ her time: Charles Dickens’ critique of the Victorian era

18 11 2015

1. Try this webquest on Dickens & Victorian time.


2. Use this cartoon to prepare a short presentation on the writer.

3. Watch these two videos and sum up what you learn about Dickens’ social commitment.

4. Click on the pic to study a passage from Oliver Twist.

workhouses-Oliver Twist

Divided Kingdom

11 11 2013

This post comes to you courtesy of …. Click on the banner to check out their site.





1. Before you watch the video from englishclub.com, do this VOCABULARY QUIZ


2. You’ll find the answers by clicking on the photo below.








3. Now watch the clip and answer these QUESTIONS

4. Now read a STATEMENT from the film director and then answer THESE QUESTIONS.

5. And finally, try this writing exercise. Click on the drawing below.


The Streets of My Heart

18 09 2013

1. “The Buddha of Suburbia” is the theme song to the BBC series of the same name. Watch the clip, listen to the song and then speak for one minute saying what struck you.

2. Click on the book cover to access a very thorough page on the novel.


3. Click on the pic below to read and analyse the incipit of the novel.

4. Read this review by the Guardian newspaper and say what makes the book so relevant today. 

5. Watch/listen to this interview and answer these questions

6. Listen to the author reading a few pages from the novel and sum up the content.