Wanting to break free

11 12 2019

1. What were women’s roles in 1950s’ America? Read more HERE.


2. Analyse and discuss this 1961 ad. How are gender roles portrayed? Click on the pic for some help.

3. What makes the scene important in the story? Read more HERE.   

A more sustainable world

15 11 2016

1. Why Are The Sioux Fighting The North Dakota Access Pipeline?

2. How could Native American NODAPL protesters  be “trumped”?

3. Can protest songs like this help the Natives “win the battle raging on the sacred land”? Read more HERE

Let’s go to the theatre!

29 02 2016

1. On March, Friday 11 we are going to see the new play by the Quorum Theatre Company! Read the screenplay HERE Click on the poster to get access to activities and exercises.

poa poster 3

2. Much ado about nothing.

3. The rhythm of the heart.

Dickensian London

12 02 2016

1. What was the workhouse system? What was its purpose in the Victorian Era?

2. What crime has Oliver committed? How will he be punished? Read more HERE

3. Did Dickens influence social reform? Find Dickens’s description of a notorious London’s slum in Oliver Twist  HERE 

4. What made Polanski want to do a new adaptation of the novel?

5. Dirty Pretty Things explores a Dickensian landscape of rag trade sweat shops, hotel kitchens and mini-cab venues in a London that most Londoners never see. 

12 Years a Slave: truth stranger than fiction?

18 12 2015

1. How much do you know about self-writing? Find out by clicking below.


2. This film is based on a true story.

3. What makes Solomon Northup’s account so special and interesting?

4. Can you draw a portrait of Solomon Northup?

5. What does the director’s vision bring to the story?

Edward Scissorhands: a variation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?

4 12 2015

1. The idea of playing God has intrigued mankind for centuries, but how well do you know the story of Dr Frankenstein?

2. Watch the scene where Peg visits Edward’s house. What well-known film genre is this scene drawing on? Focusing on what you see and what you hear, identify all the features of this genre. How does this scene build up our expectations about what is going to happen and then surprises us?

3. Find below exctracts from both the novel and the movie script. Use the additional material provided to examine their similarities and differences.


4. Here is a mind map featuring key elements to discuss the issue.

Bride & Prejudice: modernizing the Austen classic.

3 12 2015

1. She inspired a generation of young women, to question the world they lived in. But who was Jane Austen? Watch this biography and find out.

2. What was expected of the “Regency woman”? What was the most a woman could hope for then? In what ways was Elizabeth Bennet “way ahead of her time”? 

3. How far dos this adaptation manage to retain the original issues of Jane Austen’s book?

4. To what extent does this song capture the themes intoduced in the Austen novel’s incipit?

5. Find the incipit, the song lyrics and much more here below.


Oil and Blood in the Niger Delta

24 09 2015

1. What do you learn about Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Ogoni struggle? What did he blame the oil companies and the Nigeria government for?

2. What do you learn about Nneka and her views on the conflict (click to watch)? 


3. Can a song give faith to a bruised and wounded people?   

4. What is Shell so sorry about? Do you find their apologies convincing? 

5. Should oil drilling start again in Ogoniland? What are the two sides of the debate?

Don’t lose your faith in humankind

10 09 2015

1. Can poetry help us understand the tide of news that we contend with each day?

2. Meet Chris Cleave, creator of Little Bee a most memorable and provocative character.

3. Listen to an excerpt from the audio book (courtesy of Amazon.com)


4. Here you can read the first chapter of the book (for free:)


5. Listen to this song by British Klezmer band Oi Vai Voi.

6. Can you identify the narrative style of a piece of literature?

Theatre and Drama Workshops with the Quorum Company

11 06 2015

Here is the video made during the workshops you did with The Quorum Thatre Company. Enjoy!

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