Superheroes Project

19 09 2012

Your Task:  “You’re making a program for your school radio on Superheroes and role models for young people today. First,  you interview your friends to know what is their favourite superhero.”

1. Look at this picture  and, in pairs, make up a short conversation saying as many things as you can about it. Use some of this LANGUAGE

2. Read these texts (Worksheet A  + Worksheet  B) and do the exercises. Also look for these English equivalents

3. Study THIS text about Superman.

4. Now, prepare to talk in detail about your favourite superhero using this worksheet. Then, in pairs, imagine and act out the interview.

The London Calling Project

7 09 2012

1. Find the details of this project HERE

2. Listen to Benjamin Zephanaiah introducing his London

3. Watch and listen to Benjamin Zephanaiah’s rendering of his poem, The London Breed

4. Access the bbc London Calling interactive website and take a tour around the city HERE

5. Do you know how to dress a beefeater?  Watch this CLIP from a BBC documentary to learn more.

6. Watch the Wild Target (a recent film set in London) trailer HERE

7. Watch THIS clip of  The Clash London Calling song

8. Visit the London Fictions site on books set in London

Be a Journalist

5 09 2012

For this task, you’re going to have to write a journalism-style feature story.

1. Let’s start by revising question forms in English HERE

2. You can try this online exercise HERE

3. You can download a worksheet HERE

4. You will start by carrying out an interview with one of your classmates. Click HERE for a worksheet.

5.Now you can have a look at THIS example journalysm-style feature story.

6. HERE you can access an Investigative Journalism Web Manual.

7. Finally HERE is your task.