Made in USA and sold in China.

1 02 2015

1. Watch the video and sum up the story.


2. Listen to this audio recording about the same story.

3. Now do these exercises.


The iPhone Economy

26 01 2015

1. What do iPhones & pencils have in common? Click on the pic to find out.


2. How does the iPhone economy work? Click on the graph, watch the video & answer these QUESTIONS.



3.  What are its human costs in China? Answer these QUESTIONS.


Winners and Losers

16 12 2014

1. Who is the winner when billions are spent to rescue irresponsible financial giants?


2. What was the filmmakers’ previous documentary about? 


3. Do you think the camera can be mightier than the sword?

Lobbying and Free Trade Agreements.

24 11 2014

1. Watch these two videos and sum up the arguments for or against TTIP.

2. Listen to this news report by  and say what are the reasons that have led different groups to oppose TAFTA in France.

anti-tafta chickens

A32 RPT FRA anti-tafta 14 oct 2014 (03:59)
3. Watch a video by Iranian Press TV on the same story.

British Influence in the Middle East and Beyond.

4 11 2014

1. Cameron; Britain to blame for historic problems. Read the story.

Cameron on past UK role

2. How many countries have the British invaded over the history?


3. How the British screwed up the Middle East

The Harmless Cat

4.  Read this PIECE and answer the questions at the end. 

5. The UK to Restablish a Permanent Military Presence East of Suez?

Desert Queen

22 09 2014

1. Letters from Baghdad: What is this documentary about?


2. Click on the pic to find out more about the “Desert Queen.”


End of Sykes-Picot Agreement?

8 09 2014

1. What didn’t TE Lawrence know? What was the agreement about?

2. What happened after the defeat of the Ottomans in WWI?


3. How did WWI transform the Middle Esat? Click on the map for more info.


4. Get a broader perspective. Watch this video from the Khan Academy.

5. Click on the cartoon below. Use the worksheet and this ARTICLE to analyse it.