Rosa, Ruby and Kamala

7 12 2020

1. What did Rosa do? What did she start? Learn more HERE

2. Watch the video and take notes. Use the info to write a paragraph about Rosa Parks’ life.

3. Listen to the museum curator’s analysis of the painting (3:27-5:39) . Check your understanding HERE.  

4. Click on the pick to find out more about Kamala Harris. Your task: “You want to use these pictures  for a campaign to encourage equal representation. Give your arguments.”

Black Lives Matter

5 12 2020

Your TaskChoose a song, film, a book, or any other artwork to celebrate Black History Month. Present it to the class and explain the reasons for your choice.

1. Learn more about the movement. Focus on specific dates and names.

2. How old was Starr when she was given the ‘talk’? What else do you learn about her? Read more HERE.

3. What do you learn about the book and its impact? Study a passage HERE.

4. What was ‘Jim Crow’ originally and what did it stand for up until 1954? 

5. How does the clip upend racial stereotypes? Read more HERE.

 6. Click on the cartoon to boost your grammar skills.


Develop your English listening skills

11 10 2020

1. Watch this for some great tips. You can also visit their site for more. 

2. Listen for effective tips that you can use to improve your English listening skills.

3. Time for a bit of practice. Listen up to 1:35 and try to recap what you understand. Use this HELP

4. Can you sum up the message of this clip? Use this PAGE for help.

5. Sum up the story including enough detail. You can find some help HERE.  

Greek Life

25 09 2020

Speaking Task

With your best friend, you discuss whether or not you should join a fraternity / sorority. You disagree with each other. Imagine your conversation.

1. Why are they rushing? Take down details about their motivations. Read more about the topic HERE.

2. If it’s still ‘all Greek to you’, click below! 

3. Fraternity Culture and racism.  Click on the pick to learn more. Study a passage from Philip Roth’s Indignation HERE.


4. Who is Sydney White? Why isn’t she ‘Kappa material’?

5. What does Sydney fight for?

The woman’s right to shoes

8 04 2020

1. Why are Japanese women protesting? Check your understanding of the video HERE.

2. Click on the pic to do more work on high heels.


3. Click below to listen to an interview with the author of “High Heel”. Read an EXCERPT.

4. High heels were once an essential accessory for men, too. Learn MORE

Hollywood and Slavery

1 04 2020

1.  Slave Narratives read by African-American actors.

2. Why is this movie an “infamous masterpiece”? Read MORE

3. What does Nate Parker wish to achieve with his movie?

4. Hattie McDaniel became the first African-American to win an Oscar in 1940. Why was she then criticized by civil rights activists? 

5. How does S.L. Jackson explain both Django and slavery?

6. Who is  Solomon Northup? How did he manage to survive? Read MORE.

7. How far would you say this poem captures Solomon’s experience? Study the poem HERE