Paralympian Danielle Brown

16 10 2012

Watch the VIDEO and do the listening EXERCISE.

1ère Euro — Class Projects

12 09 2012

[Vous trouverez ICI les détails concernant le contenus et les modalités des épreuves ainsi que toute autre information utile]

Project One

The Paralympics have just ended in London where they were a huge success.

For this first project you will have to produce a TV or Radio Talk-Show on the issue:

“Paralympians, role models to inspire able and disabled alike?”

= roles = Host (=introduces + conducts)+ 6 to 8 experts or guests.

1. Here you can access a FACTSHEET

2.Find HERE  Channel 4’s  90-second trailer promoting its coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

3.Access James Ballardie’ s BLOG. He was Channel4’s blogger for the games and this post is dedicated precisely to that trailer.

4. HERE you can watch an interview with Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE,  one of Britain’s greatest Paralympic athletes. You’ll also find some online interactive exercises.

5. Read this impassioned article Sorry, the Paralympic spirit insults disabled people like me