Wild about Oscar

2 10 2019

1. The play, the playwright, the period. Compare this recap with what you have learned so far. 

2. Watch the video for an in-depth summary and analysis. 

3. The protagonist and his foil. How much do the two friends have in common? Read the SCENE in the play 

4. Well, they seem to share quite a lot, don’t you think? Use a Venn diagram to contrast and compare the two friends. 

5. Aunt Augusta is quite impressive, isn’t she?

Serial Stories

30 04 2019

1. Who created the concept of serialized storytelling?

2. What rule did Tolkien break? Watch the video and answer more questions HERE.

3. What got us hooked on serials? Click on the pick to find out more.

4. Are you addicted to a TV show? How many of these signs apply to you? Could your condition get worse?


Fairy Tales in Pictures

9 04 2019

1. Could you tell the Little Red Riding Hood story without words? Find out more HERE

2. How does this Disney version of the story compare with the original?

3. Some critics say Tex Avery modernized the animated fairy tale. Compare this clip with Dysney’s above. Read more HERE

The rise of accent softening

21 03 2019

1. Are the English classified by their way of speaking? Read more HERE

2. What are the advantages in talking with the “white voice”?

3. What’s wrong with a northern accent? Click on the pic to read the article. Listen to the podcast HERE (18:50 to the end).

4. What has Eliza set herself out to conquer? What is it that ‘she gets‘ in the end? Find the script HERE

5. Are actors of colour only offered roles of racial steretypes?

There is power in a union

19 03 2019

1. What are these women fighting for? Find the transcript HERE. Do some exercises HERE.

2. How does Rita manage to persuade the men to back the women’s strike? Read more HERE

3. The Ford women machinists finally get to meet Barbara Castle—Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. How does that meeting go? Find out more HERE.


4. What role did Margaret Thatcher play in Billy Bragg’s life? Where does the song’s title come from? Find the transcrip HERE

5. What happens when a group of lesbians and gays decide to support the striking miners? Read more HERE.

6. Why did Nissan workers refuse to join the union? Read more HERE

Language and Power

14 03 2019

1. What made English a global language?

2. It’s just talk, right?

3. What is the logic of Newspeak? What’s its ultimate goal? Read more HERE

World in Crisis

14 03 2019

1. In 2017, BBC World Service named her one of the 20 best unsigned artists in the world. In December 2018, Tshila released her self-produced album World in Crisis.

2. What are the thoughts and inspirations behind Tshila’s new album? What made her become a musician? What’s her new album about?

3. Can  a dystopian blockbuster movie such as this mobilize people to act on climate change? Find out MORE

4. How can cli-fi help raise awareness about environmental issues? Read more HERE

The Hurricane

16 02 2019

1. What happened to the “Hurricane,” the man who could have been the champion of the world? Read more HERE 

2. Here comes Bob Dylan’s blow-by-blow story of middleweight boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. Find out more HERE 

3. What are the two things about books that Lesra learns? Why do you think he chose precisely that book?

4. This new inquiry into the case by the BBC wants people to draw their own conclusions. 

The Hurricane Tapes: Out 14 January!

Four shot.Three dead.18 years in prison.And now, the truth?The #HurricaneTapes – a hard-hitting 13-episode podcast, out 14 January.

Publiée par BBC Sport sur Lundi 31 décembre 2018

Songs of Freedom

23 01 2019

1. Who was MLK? Listen carefully and complete this short biography.

2. What was Dr King’s dream about? Read more HERE.

3. How well does the picture expose the problems African-Americans faced at the time? 


4. What parallel does Ben Harper make between the Rodney King story and black Americans’ history? Read more HERE.

5. What happened to Rodney King?


10 01 2019

1. Do you know any of these movies? Talk about the collage saying as much as you can about each film.

2. What’s unusual about the trailer? How does Hitchcock manipulate the viewer? 

3. Can you now write the pitch for the movie? Click on the pick to study a text.