Creating a stress free workplace

20 09 2020

Your task: create a questionnaire on stress at work. Write 10 questions.

1. What are the main causes of stress at work? Use this PAGE to check your comprehension. 

2. What makes employees happy at work? Study an article on a similar topic HERE.

Brain drain or brain gain?

11 09 2020

1. Look at the picture. What and who does it represent? What is the link with the topic “Brain Drain”? Click on the image to access some online help.

2. Watch the video and take notes. Use this PAGE to check your comprehension. Then prepare a short oral presentation on Steve Jobs’ life story. 

An epic train journey

14 04 2020

1. Let’s revise comparisons, shall we? First look at these TABLES ,then click below to do an online activity.

2. Make notes as you watch the video to answer the Five Ws and HOW. Then, take the TEST.

3. Do this activity then study Indian Railways HERE.




Welcome to the world’s busiest railway

23 03 2020

1. Watch the video and take notes. Enter the competition. Create a 10-question quiz!

2. Watch the first 15′ into the episode. List 10 problems faced by Mumbai daily commuters. Read more HERE.

3. What are the main types of business organisations? Fill in a table with their advantages and disadvantages. Read more HERE. And HERE.

4. Your Task: Write a page on your travel blog about one of your railways experiences. Present the railway company you’ve travelled with. Write about 150 words. BTEC students, practise for the exam HERE


The Queen who became Empress

1 10 2019

1. What made her so iconic? Read more HERE. Take this QUIZ

2. A light-hearted song on a serious subject. Read the lyrics HERE

2. A trivial video for serious viewers. Read more HERE



English and you

3 09 2019

1. Meeting people. Do the exercise, then  create and act out your own dialogue with a classmate. Now let’s get to know each other better.

2. How have you been? Watch the video and listen for useful expressions. Then create a similar skit with a classmate.

3. As you watch the video, take down at least 3 different reasons why people learn English. Then choose one speaker and imagine what else they could say about their relationship with English. Speak for at least 1 minute and record yourself. 


4. Going back to school is deadly in some places. Why is Cameroon at war with itself over English? Read more HERE

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