Develop your English listening skills

11 10 2020

1. Watch this for some great tips. You can also visit their site for more. 

2. Listen for effective tips that you can use to improve your English listening skills.

3. Time for a bit of practice. Listen up to 1:35 and try to recap what you understand. Use this HELP

4. Can you sum up the message of this clip? Use this PAGE for help.

5. Sum up the story including enough detail. You can find some help HERE.  

Success story: Zara

12 09 2016

1. Listen to this story (00:00 to 02:00) and note down all the words relating to success. 

2. Find an article about Zara HERE 

3. Click below to get some help on how to analyse an article in English.


Practise to improve your listening skills.

4 10 2015

Whatever the theme of the recording, you’ll have to approach it in a systematic way. 

1. Anticipate from the title and call to mind all that you already know about the subject: “David Beckham touched by migrant children’s plight BBC News.”

2. With each successive viewing, pick up new information to arrive at a detailed comprehension.

3. When wrapping up your account of the recording, it’s often a good idea to branch out and connect to similar stories you know of.

Examination Day

13 04 2014

Make an oral presentation. 

1.  Fair Trade: the power of the consumer.

2. French vineyards eye China markets.

3. Fair Trade Improving Lives

4. Bangladesh leather trade’s toxic cost

5.  Kit Kat, give the child slave a break.

6. Wooden radio broadcasts sustainable message.

Fakes, Better than the Real Thing?

22 03 2014

1. Counterfeit Culture trailer. A few facts about a global problem. 

2. Watch the clip and make a 5-minute presentation.

3. Why is the pound coin about to get a new look?

Football & Social Inclusion

18 02 2014

1. How does football help Jess get through her life?


2. Why do you think FIFA chose this song for South Africa 2010?

3. One year after the 2010 cup, what is the legacy for South Africa?

4. Can football help further tolerance? Explain.

Women in the Workplace

18 02 2014

1. Click on the pic, read the text & see if you can explain its title.



2. What you think of this song.

3. Who is the mysterious Mr. Cutty?

Women’s Empowerment: How Far Have We Come?

17 02 2014

1. What is Mrs. Clinton’s “no ceilings” initiative about? 

2. What’s it like to be in a woman’s shoes? 

3. What is Tatyana fed up with? What did she set out to achieve?



4. Can you explain how the “glass ceiling” has turned into a “plugged pipeline”?


Straight Line Selling

9 02 2014

1. Watch the clip and prepare to speak for at least 60 seconds about straight-line selling.

2. What’s the secret to selling just anything?

3. It’s a dumb question, isn’t it? It’s hard though to answer it with some success, don’t you think?

4. Click on the pic to read more about  four winning sales skills.









Real Estate

24 01 2014

1. Watch this clip and then describe the type of accomodation on show here.

2. What are the inside secrets of a real estate agent? 

3. What makes it difficult for first-time buyers to close a deal?

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