A lesson a day …

6 04 2020

1. Revise your grammar and practise your writing skills HERE.

2. Watch the video and take notes using a Mind Map. Read this TEXT and complete your mind map.

3. A few tips on how to improve your listening skills. Find lots more HERE.

4. Here’s another great way to build up your skills. You can do a lot more work on the movie HERE

Towards higher fluency

29 03 2020

1. Build up your listening skills, take the TEST.

2. Let’s prepare for the written exam. First, watch the video and complete the QUIZ.

3. Now click on the cartoon and answer a few questions.

4. Can reparations help right the wrongs of slavery?


Self-made, myth or reality?

27 03 2020

1. How did Sarah Breedlove manage to become the first female “self-made” millionaire? The mini-series might well be worth watching. You can learn about your task and build up your writing skills HERE.

2. Click on the pic. Read, and listen to, the definition of the “self-made man”. How would you sum it up?

3. Read and listen to the lyrics and take notes. Can you summarize Hamilton’s life story? Explain why he is the perfect example of a self-made man. 

4. Click below to study a text about “The youngest self-made billionaire. Ever.

5. What is “the false claim” the book wants to denounce?

Learning in the time of COVID-19

18 03 2020

1. Listen to the audio book version of the excerpt you have to study. Find HERE the list of all the documents we used this year. Feel like revising a bit of grammar? Find HERE  a wide selection of activities.

2. Colson Whitehead telling more about his book to French readers in 2017.   

3. It might look like kid stuff but Mr Q can actually help you grasp the legacy of Harriet Tubman.

4. The New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project wants to tell the full story of slavery.

5. How can a book start a war? Study a passage from another book by a former slave HERE




Repairing the past

17 02 2020

1. How did enslavers use enslaved people to generate profit? Answer more questions HERE

Find out about your task HERE.

2. Watch the video by VOA and note down arguments proving or disproving that “Harriet, the movie, advances the slave narrative on screen”. Focus on the words spoken by the people interviewed in the video.

3. Listen to author Colson Whiteson telling about the history of the Underground Railroad. Click on the painting to answer a few questions. 


4. Learn more about “The Moses of Her People”. 

The Queen who became Empress

1 10 2019

1. What made her so iconic? Read more HERE. Take this QUIZ

2. A light-hearted song on a serious subject. Read the lyrics HERE

2. A trivial video for serious viewers. Read more HERE



Hone your listening skills!

24 09 2019

1. What kind of a hero did Obama praise? Write an account of the video. 

2. What do modern heroes have in common with ancient ones? Write a short account.

3. How have the heroes of olden times changed and evolved? Sum up what you have understood.

4. Can the classic antihero be achieved in a simulated environment?

5. Why is the world in love with the antihero?

The Incredible Journey

3 05 2019

1. Watch the clip and say who  the main characters are. What is the rabbit-proof fence? Fill in the gaps HERE

2. What is the Rabbit-Proof Fence movie about? Who are the “stolen generations”? What happened to them? Answer a few more questions HERE

3. What was life at the Moore River Native Settlement like for the Aborigines?

4. How does the Chief Protector of Aborigines justify their treatment?

Serial Stories

30 04 2019

1. Who created the concept of serialized storytelling?

2. What rule did Tolkien break? Watch the video and answer more questions HERE.

3. What got us hooked on serials? Click on the pick to find out more.

4. Are you addicted to a TV show? How many of these signs apply to you? Could your condition get worse?


Fairy Tales in Pictures

9 04 2019

1. Could you tell the Little Red Riding Hood story without words? Find out more HERE

2. How does this Disney version of the story compare with the original?

3. Some critics say Tex Avery modernized the animated fairy tale. Compare this clip with Dysney’s above. Read more HERE