Is a new border fence between Mexico and the U.S. necessary?

24 01 2019

1. Watch this video and prepare for the speaking exam.

2. Click on the cartoon to read about the existing fence.

the plymouth rock cartoon

3. Donald Trump under attack over new fence plan.

4. Read about the effectiveness of such an idea.


5. Watch this animated cartoon and fill in this TEXT

6. Listen to Obama’s speech on immigration (2 or 3 times). Then use this PAGE to recap.

7. Do you have a view on the issue? Join the debate.


Culinary Exchanges

29 11 2018

1. What do you know about the dish?. Read more HERE

2. Who decides what is beauty for women? Analyse this POEM by Janice Mirikitani.

3. Fancy trying this recipe? Analyse the poem HERE

4. Let’s do a bit of history! And this EXERCISE

A quiet passion

12 11 2018

1. This biopic is coming to a cinema near you. It will be on during next week’s festival!

2. Learn more about the life and poetry of Emily Dickinson. Do these EXERCISES

3. A 2017’s exhibition at the Morgan Library and Museum in New York took a closer look at the iconic American cultural figure.

4. Film director Terence Davies is guest of honor this year. Maybe you have a question?

How are identities formed or manipulated?

7 02 2018

1. Is this the end for multiculturalism? Read more HERE

2.  David Bowie wrote the theme song to the BBC dramatisation of Hanif Kureishi’s Buddha Of Suburbia.

3. Writer Hanif Kureishi has often explored race and the fluidity of identity.

4. How to put a match to a tinder box. Find out more HERE

5. A heat wave brings racial tensions to boiling point in a London chip shop. Study two texts about Cultural Diversity

7.  Is Sadiq Khan the face of multicultural Britain?

8. What overall vision of Canada does the POEM give? Describe its tone.

9. Not everyone thinks that giving shelter to people planning to cross the channel illegally is a good idea. What do you think?

Scotland: A Spirit of its Own.

21 03 2017

1. Where and how can you feel the “Scottish spirit”? Find out more HERE & HERE 

2. What are William Wallace’s traits? In what ways does this hero incarnate the “Scottish spirit”? Read more HERE

3. What makes this young Scotswoman special? To what extent does she embody the Auld Country’s tradition of defiance?

4. What is “Scotland’s other national drink”?

5. Click on the pic to do some interactive activities.

Where are the bad girls?

4 10 2016

1. Can you draw the portrait of a famous female fictional character? Try drawing Alicia Florrick, if you can’t. Find some help HERE

2. In the era of the rise of the antihero, is the antiheroine allowed to be bad only when her husband is a murderous villain? Read more HERE 


3. Why are people so hard on Skyler (the wife in Breaking Bad), while they empathize with and root for her husband, Walter White, the man who’s doing all these evil things? Read more HERE. Find Anna Gunn’s op-ed piece HERE

American Progress

25 04 2016

1. Click on the pic to analyse this famous 1872 painting.

American Progress

2. Click on the maps below to learn more on Westward Expansion.

 Wesward Expansion-1840-50 Maps

3. What vision of the Old West does this John Ford movie present? Learn more HERE

Living out the dream

24 01 2016

1. Listen to these first-generation Americans, what’s their definition of the American Dream?

2. Watch the video and pick out details showing Chris Gardner’s hardships & what he plans to do to overcome them. Find out more about this story HERE 

3. What are these people’s dreams? Can these lower-income families really get ahead? Read more about this documentary series HERE


The Power of the Gun

11 01 2016

1. Why is the President powerless to change gun laws?

2. Guns go back a long way in America. Try this “brief history” of the US to learn more. Use these WORKSHEETS for help.

3. Why is the NRA so powerful on gun control? 

4. Over the last decades, the NRA has become stronger than ever. Here is the FULL DOCUMENTARY & HERE are a few notes summing it up. 

5. According to Jack Johnson, who is to blame for gun violence in the US?

6. Can humour beat the gun lobby?



Iconic Bond is Great Britain

13 12 2015

1. Why do you think VisitBritain have again put Bond at the center of their new global tourism campaign? Pick out answers in this spot and learn more on their WEBSITE.

2. Who is more iconic, the Queen or Bond? Use this GRAMMAR page to compare them.

3. What is the new Madame Tussauds exhibition about?

4. You’ve just visited the museum. Use this interactive postcard creator to send a message to a friend.


5. Watch this featurette about Spectre. Imagine you’re Daniel Craig sending out a postcard from one of the locations mentioned. Describe the setting and explain your “mission” in the sequence.