Is it better to be feared or loved?

10 10 2015

1. Why do Lorenzo, Calogero’s father, and Sonny, ‘the man who owned the neighbourhood,’ fight over C? Why is  Calogero drawn to Sonny?


2. Calogero didn’t rat. But did he do “the right thing”?

3. Why does Lorenzo give Sonny his money back? Why does he want his son to stay away from Sonny?

4. Why does C find it so difficult to speak to Jane? 

5. What advice does C get from his ‘two father figures’? How do their views compare?


6. In what way did fiction and reality mix up in Lilo Brancato’s life?

Can Money Buy Power?

17 04 2014

1. SWAG. Look at the book cover. What is the story about?


2. Click on the pick to study an excerpt from that book.



3. What parallel can you draw with the scene in Swag? Read the script HERE


4. What does everybody on the phone want? 

5. What can’t money buy? 

6. Find the lyrics and some explanations HERE 

The Virgin Queen

28 02 2014

1. Click on the pick to access a few questions about the passage , “Might I be Queen?”

Cate-Blanchett-The VirginQueen


2. Watch this episode from the TV series, Kings & Queens and answer THESE QUESTIONS

Arthurian Legends

17 02 2014

1. Read about the “Once and Future King” on the BBC website.



2. What layer of the legend does this film present?

3. Is this narrative faithful to the legend?

4. What elements that do not belong to the Arthurian legend do we find here?

5. Show that this take on the legend is a nonsensical satire.


The Green Car, The New Frontier?

6 01 2014

1. Henry Ford had ideas.  Learn more about the farm boy who rose from obscurity to become the most influential American innovator of the 20th century.

2. The Moving Assembly Line just celebrated its 100th birthday! Click on the pic to learn more.


3. Fordism: watch this clip to find out more.

4. Read this article and summarize the past and future of the American car. Click on the pic.


5. The Men Who Built Modern America.  Listen attentively and then sum up Henry Ford’s achievements.

6. Sum up what you learn about Mr. Rockefeller’s contribution to modern America.

7. Thomas Edison, what about him?

Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears

3 12 2013

1. Watch the clip carefully and then sum up its content. Try to talk for about 3 minutes.



2.  Where does Hitch take Sara for their first date? What goes wrong for the “Date Doctor” there?

3. Vito Corleone goes through the Ellis Island Process

4. The Immigrant,  James Gray, 2013, International Trailer.

The American Dream, Myth or Reality?

13 11 2013

1. What do people in the U.S. think about the American Dream? To find out, Caitlin Brown (a college student with a passion for filmmaking) interviewed 6 Americans. Watch the video & find out what they have to say. Then give your own thoughts on the matter.

2. Watch the clip and listen to the lyrics. What elements do you notice either debunking or proving the Dream?


3. Watch this interview with Aloe Blacc. Can you now say what his song is all about?

4. “How to make it in America” is the TV series that used Aloe Blacc song and made it famous. Watch the intro and pick out any elements relating to the Dream.

Turkey Day Truths

12 11 2013

1. Look at the painting carefully for 1 minute. Then describe it from memory; try to speak for 60 seconds!

Ferris-1st-thanksgivingjpg 2. Watch the video and listen for facts about Thanksgiving. Make a few notes.

3. Debunking the myth of Thanksgiving. React to the cartoon.

“a. What has just happened? b. What are the Puritans turning their back to? c. What does the empty table symbolize? d. What is the Indian left with? e. Compare with the painting. What is the artist denouncing here? ” 


Divided Kingdom

11 11 2013

This post comes to you courtesy of …. Click on the banner to check out their site.





1. Before you watch the video from, do this VOCABULARY QUIZ


2. You’ll find the answers by clicking on the photo below.








3. Now watch the clip and answer these QUESTIONS

4. Now read a STATEMENT from the film director and then answer THESE QUESTIONS.

5. And finally, try this writing exercise. Click on the drawing below.


A Nation of Immigrants

7 11 2013

1. Who wrote that book?

2. Fellow Americans, let’s not forget our history. Listen to the President and answer these QUESTIONS.

3. Click on the picture to learn what the Dream Act is.

4. From Brooklyin, music that defies boundaries.

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