This is England

14 01 2013

1. Watch the trailer to this film and see what you can find out about the plot.

2. Watch this clip  and say what Shaun has to do to join the gang.

3. One of the backdrop themes to the film is the Falklands war. Watch this Al Jazeera documentary .  Note down what you learn about the conflict.

Be a Journalist

5 09 2012

For this task, you’re going to have to write a journalism-style feature story.

1. Let’s start by revising question forms in English HERE

2. You can try this online exercise HERE

3. You can download a worksheet HERE

4. You will start by carrying out an interview with one of your classmates. Click HERE for a worksheet.

5.Now you can have a look at THIS example journalysm-style feature story.

6. HERE you can access an Investigative Journalism Web Manual.

7. Finally HERE is your task.

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