The Power of Words

6 05 2020

Your final project: 


1. Click  below to learn more about the real story of this WWII poster. Take the QUIZ. Read more HERE.

2. Click on the pic. Do you recognize any of the slogans featured? Do you know the brand or product they advertise? Which one do you think is the best / the worst? What are its strengths / weaknesses? 


3. Choose one slogan and explain why you think it is so effective. What do you think are the “golden rules” for a good slogan?


4. Watch the clip. What makes a good slogan? Sum up the recipe for success.

5. Click on the pic to do a reading comprehension and some grammar exercises about advertising slogans. You will also find out more about your final task. 


Hollywood and Slavery

1 04 2020

1.  Slave Narratives read by African-American actors.

2. Why is this movie an “infamous masterpiece”? Read MORE

3. What does Nate Parker wish to achieve with his movie?

4. Hattie McDaniel became the first African-American to win an Oscar in 1940. Why was she then criticized by civil rights activists? 

5. How does S.L. Jackson explain both Django and slavery?

6. Who is  Solomon Northup? How did he manage to survive? Read MORE.

7. How far would you say this poem captures Solomon’s experience? Study the poem HERE


Who owns our bodies?

29 11 2018

1. What’s the novel about? What makes it still so relevant today? Read an excerpt HERE.

2. Take a look inside the world of The Handmaid’s Tale TV series adaptation. 

3. Atwood’s chilling vision of a dystopian regime has captured readers’ imaginations since its publication in 1985. What explains its success? Try the QUIZ.

4. Find out what happened to Tanis Mauws and Sean Lancaster when they resorted to surrogacy. Imagine Mauws writes an open letter to the Winnipeg press which starts: “I always wanted to be a mom but…” Continue her letter and write about 150 words.


5. Your task: “Create the front and back cover for Margaret Atwood’s soon-to-be published sequel to her ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.” 

Environmental issues

2 04 2018

1. Preparing for exams is the key to success! Find more help HERE and HERE

2. How much water do you use in your daily life? Read more HERE

3. Turning on the tap may be risky in California. Find out more HERE

4. It takes lots of courage to fight powerful institutions. Study a text HERE

How are identities formed or manipulated?

7 02 2018

1. Is this the end for multiculturalism? Read more HERE

2.  David Bowie wrote the theme song to the BBC dramatisation of Hanif Kureishi’s Buddha Of Suburbia.

3. Writer Hanif Kureishi has often explored race and the fluidity of identity.

4. How to put a match to a tinder box. Find out more HERE

5. A heat wave brings racial tensions to boiling point in a London chip shop. Study two texts about Cultural Diversity

7.  Is Sadiq Khan the face of multicultural Britain?

8. What overall vision of Canada does the POEM give? Describe its tone.

9. Not everyone thinks that giving shelter to people planning to cross the channel illegally is a good idea. What do you think?

A more sustainable world

15 11 2016

1. Why Are The Sioux Fighting The North Dakota Access Pipeline?

2. How could Native American NODAPL protesters  be “trumped”?

3. Can protest songs like this help the Natives “win the battle raging on the sacred land”? Read more HERE

Iconic symbols of power

15 11 2016

1. Why do Americans love their flag? Watch the clip and answer these QUESTIONS

2. His memory is forever enshrined in the hearts of the American people. Click on the pic and see if you can you write his bio.

ca. 1915-1922, Washington, DC, USA --- Daniel Chester French sculpture (ca. 1915-1922) of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC. --- Image by © Bernard Annebicque/CORBIS SYGMA

3. US Presidential Election: When do Americans vote? What status symbols are attached to the “job”? What “checks and balances” are there? What lesson did Obama learn after taking office? What special treat did he eventually get?

4. What’s Donald Trump’s presidency going to look like? Find HERE a gap-fill bio and more activities about the President Elect.

5. Do you know this TV show? Analyse the poster and say what it tells us about the character’s personality. Click to watch the series trailer. 


6. How much do you know about the origins of this popular TV show? Read more HERE

7. One of the most visible symbols of the United States at home and abroad, won’t you say? Click on the pic to learn more.


8. Donald Trump boasted he would swap out Air Force One with his ‘Trump Force One’Read more HERE

9. There won’t be another Camelot

10. Find HERE some interactive exercises.

Language: a Tool of Oppression and of Liberation

11 09 2016

1. Watch the clip (6:20 to the end). What attitude was the norm across the British Empire by the turn of the 20th century? Was it any different for the Welsh? 

2. Click below to find some reading comprehension exercises on the same topic.


3. Listen to Mr Oxford Don by John Agard. Find some questions for analysis HERE

4. Click on the pic to read the first chapter of Little Bee online.


English – the new lingua franca.

9 09 2016

11th and 12th graders, click on the pic to find all the info you need.


1. (A primer = basic information about a subject) Prepare a primer on the United Kingdom vs Great Britain vs England.

2. Now prepare a primer on the English-speaking world. Name at least 6 countries,  outside the UK, where English is widely spoken and say why English is spoken in some of those countries. Find out more by clicking on the pic.



3. What is a mania? Why are so many people across the planet learning English today? According to the speaker, is the present “English mania” a threat or an opportunity?

 4. Let’s make a humorous pause here with a British Citizenship Test by stand-up comedian Imran Yusuf.

5. Watch & listen for at least 10 important moments and/ or influences in the evolution of the English language. Find HERE a recap of the main steps. And learn more HERE  

5. Under the British Flag. Click on the pic to learn more about your task.

6. BBC Poetry Season – Zephaniah and students perform The British. This may serve as inspiration for your final task. Find the full text of the poem HERE


6. Why is English important? Click on the poster and do these activities.


7. Hollywood goes to China. Read more about the topic HERE


American Progress

25 04 2016

1. Click on the pic to analyse this famous 1872 painting.

American Progress

2. Click on the maps below to learn more on Westward Expansion.

 Wesward Expansion-1840-50 Maps

3. What vision of the Old West does this John Ford movie present? Learn more HERE