Life and death of a refugee

13 09 2015

1. That Little Syrian Boy: Here’s Who He Was (find the transcript here)

2. A sculpture is worth a thousand words. Imagine a radio interview with the artist (click on the pic for help)



3. Can you tell Issa’s story?

4. Refugee Boy: can you guess what the father decides to do? Click to listen to an excerpt and a presentation.



5. Watch the trailer for the stage adaptation of the book. What more do you learn about the protagonist? 

6. Take a look at this poem. Do you think that it captures Alem’s experience? Explain.

Benjamin Zephaniah – We Refugees par poemhunter

Emigrating to The Antipodes

11 03 2013

1. Click on the picture and take the online Emigration Challenge at the Merseyside Maritime Museum:


Leaving from Liverpool Welcome, Stranger………

2. Take this quiz about the webquest: 

No Oil Company Left Behind

26 01 2013

1. Watch the clip at right and say what the “make America work for us” campaign blames the Bush administration for 

2. What specific role has oil played in US foreign policy? Find out more by watching this video:   [worksheet]

3. A great historian meets a great actor. Listen to Virggo  as he  adds his voice to this powerful text: 

4. A bit of fun with this song by British band, The Clash:  

5. Log onto this site and do a reading comprehension exercise