Memorable Drill Instructors

22 01 2013

1. Watch the clip below and characterize Lt. Aldo Raine [SCRIPT].





2. This time the character you have to describe in details is Gunnery Sergeant Hartman [SCRIPT].

3. After watching the two clips, compare the two characters’ speeches. Look especially at their vocabulary, register, body language and message. Use the language of comparison sheet and try to vary your phrases and vocabulary.

4. Just for fun, watch this clip starring Rowan Atkinson as another memorable drill instructor.

Where Are You Now, My Son?

8 01 2013

A– Bearing in mind Joan Baez’ 1972 visit to Vietnam, talk about the woman at right. Click on the picture to access a word list.

B– Next click on the photo to listen to the song (20:00). Mark the breath groups as you listen.

C– In pairs, do exercises B.1 to B.8.

D– In twos, talk about Joan Baez and her song for about 2 minutes [you may imagine you’re two journalists/ students making a presentation or a teacher testing one of his students (ten questions minimum)].


Across the Wire

3 10 2012


1. Click on the picture at left to learn more about your final task.

2. Watch the trailer to a Tommy Lee Jones film  Can you say what the film is about ? (who/ where/ when/ what?)

3. Listen to ACROSS THE WIRE a song by Arizona band CALEXICO.  (Usually categorized as either alt-country or Alternative Rock) Discuss the lyrics HERE

4. Watch this  and take this TEST.

5. Now study this EXCERPT from James A. Michener‘s book, Texas.


The New World

23 09 2012

1. Click on the cartoon at right to watch the opening of T. Malick’s movie, The New World.

2. Click on this LINK to listen to a song called America  by Tracy Chapman and analyse the yrics HERE

3. Read this TEXT and prepare ten questions to put to your classmates.


4.Click on the picture at right to watch a clip from the film, The New World. Then access this FILE to learn more about your task.


1ère Euro — Class Projects

12 09 2012

[Vous trouverez ICI les détails concernant le contenus et les modalités des épreuves ainsi que toute autre information utile]

Project One

The Paralympics have just ended in London where they were a huge success.

For this first project you will have to produce a TV or Radio Talk-Show on the issue:

“Paralympians, role models to inspire able and disabled alike?”

= roles = Host (=introduces + conducts)+ 6 to 8 experts or guests.

1. Here you can access a FACTSHEET

2.Find HERE  Channel 4’s  90-second trailer promoting its coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

3.Access James Ballardie’ s BLOG. He was Channel4’s blogger for the games and this post is dedicated precisely to that trailer.

4. HERE you can watch an interview with Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE,  one of Britain’s greatest Paralympic athletes. You’ll also find some online interactive exercises.

5. Read this impassioned article Sorry, the Paralympic spirit insults disabled people like me


The London Calling Project

7 09 2012

1. Find the details of this project HERE

2. Listen to Benjamin Zephanaiah introducing his London

3. Watch and listen to Benjamin Zephanaiah’s rendering of his poem, The London Breed

4. Access the bbc London Calling interactive website and take a tour around the city HERE

5. Do you know how to dress a beefeater?  Watch this CLIP from a BBC documentary to learn more.

6. Watch the Wild Target (a recent film set in London) trailer HERE

7. Watch THIS clip of  The Clash London Calling song

8. Visit the London Fictions site on books set in London

Be a Journalist

5 09 2012

For this task, you’re going to have to write a journalism-style feature story.

1. Let’s start by revising question forms in English HERE

2. You can try this online exercise HERE

3. You can download a worksheet HERE

4. You will start by carrying out an interview with one of your classmates. Click HERE for a worksheet.

5.Now you can have a look at THIS example journalysm-style feature story.

6. HERE you can access an Investigative Journalism Web Manual.

7. Finally HERE is your task.