Family Portraits

18 10 2018

1. What must Cinderella do? What is she allowed to doWho are Cinderella’s parents? Do you know the “true” story?

2. Can you imagine what these characters dream of?

3. Who is who in the family? What is the story about? Do these EXERCISES

4. Why can’t they be a family? Do these ACTIVITIES

5. What’s it like growing up in a stepfamily? Listen carefully to Tahlia [00:56 to 04; 21] and make notes. 

Child Soldiers

11 01 2015

1. What are ‘Blood Diamonds’? Watch the video to find out.

2. Watch the opening of the movie and draw a parallel with Beah’s book’s cover.

3. What do this mural and Beah’s story have in common?

4. Listen to the song and do these EXERCISES

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