Claiming that kerb space

5 06 2020

1. What is changing in cities around Europe? What are some of the reasons for this makeover? Do a reading comprehension exercise HERE.

2. What role could two-wheels play in London in the future? What is at stake for Londoners?

3. Freddie Mercury was inspired to write this song after watching a stage of the 1978 Tour de France. Read a PASSAGE from American novelist Ernest Hemingway, also a fan. Practise your grammar skills HERE

4. Ridley Scott on his very first movie.

An epic train journey

14 04 2020

1. Let’s revise comparisons, shall we? First look at these TABLES ,then click below to do an online activity.

2. Make notes as you watch the video to answer the Five Ws and HOW. Then, take the TEST.

3. Do this activity then study Indian Railways HERE.




Learning in the time of COVID-19

18 03 2020

1. Listen to the audio book version of the excerpt you have to study. Find HERE the list of all the documents we used this year. Feel like revising a bit of grammar? Find HERE  a wide selection of activities.

2. Colson Whitehead telling more about his book to French readers in 2017.   

3. It might look like kid stuff but Mr Q can actually help you grasp the legacy of Harriet Tubman.

4. The New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project wants to tell the full story of slavery.

5. How can a book start a war? Study a passage from another book by a former slave HERE




Coding in the time of Coronavirus

17 03 2020

1. Who is Avi Shiffmann? How did he get to be so popular? Read more HERE. YOUR TASK: Imagine you’ve interviewed Avi. Write an article reporting your interview: WRITING TIPS.

2. Click on the pic below to access Avi’s website.

3. Prepare for the listening exam. Watch and listen to the story. Then write a brief account of it in French. 

4. Click below to revise your grammar!



Repairing the past

17 02 2020

1. How did enslavers use enslaved people to generate profit? Answer more questions HERE

Find out about your task HERE.

2. Watch the video by VOA and note down arguments proving or disproving that “Harriet, the movie, advances the slave narrative on screen”. Focus on the words spoken by the people interviewed in the video.

3. Listen to author Colson Whiteson telling about the history of the Underground Railroad. Click on the painting to answer a few questions. 


4. Learn more about “The Moses of Her People”. 

The artist as a social commentator

11 12 2019

1.What gave Dickens such powerful influence over his contemporaries? Oscar Wilde’s criticism of “Dickens’s over sentimentalism” did not prevent him from taking his inspiration from his predecessor. What did Wilde borrow from Dickens? Here’s your TASK.

2. Through farce and satire, Oscar Wilde, too, was sending up the high society of his time to expose its intrinsic hypocrisy.

3. Like Cecily, Queen Victoria “Wrote in [her] journal”. Read more on Victorian diary writing HERE.


Wanting to break free

11 12 2019

1. What were women’s roles in 1950s’ America? Read more HERE.


2. Analyse and discuss this 1961 ad. How are gender roles portrayed? Click on the pic for some help.

3. What makes the scene important in the story? Read more HERE.   

The end of the party

3 11 2019

1. How much do you know about Halloween history? Take this QUIZ.

2. Why has Airbnb decided to ban ‘party houses’? Read more HERE

3. What is the message of this ad? Why do you think it was made? Find out more HERE.

 4. Learn more about the Fairbnb coop HERE.  You are in charge of the Fairbnb campaign to promote its platform with regional tourist boards. Make a speech to convince the Ardèche tourist board officials to adopt the coop as one of their official partners.

Space Tourism

10 10 2019

1. Is space tourism a real possibility? 

2. Who is winning the race? Read more HERE.

3. Practice and test your listening skills with

Wild about Oscar

2 10 2019

1. The play, the playwright, the period. Compare this recap with what you have learned so far. 

2. Watch the video for an in-depth summary and analysis. 

3. The protagonist and his foil. How much do the two friends have in common? Read the SCENE in the play 

4. Well, they seem to share quite a lot, don’t you think? Use a Venn diagram to contrast and compare the two friends. 

5. Aunt Augusta is quite impressive, isn’t she?