The Incredible Journey

3 05 2019

1. Watch the clip and say who  the main characters are. What is the rabbit-proof fence? Fill in the gaps HERE

2. What is the Rabbit-Proof Fence movie about? Who are the “stolen generations”? What happened to them? Answer a few more questions HERE

3. What was life at the Moore River Native Settlement like for the Aborigines?

4. How does the Chief Protector of Aborigines justify their treatment?

Fairy Tales in Pictures

9 04 2019

1. Could you tell the Little Red Riding Hood story without words? Find out more HERE

2. How does this Disney version of the story compare with the original?

3. Some critics say Tex Avery modernized the animated fairy tale. Compare this clip with Dysney’s above. Read more HERE

Australia is like this

1 04 2019

1. What picture of Australia does the Kinks song paint? Find the lyrics HERE. Go on an Australian Web Quest HERE.

2. Why was admission impossible for some, though?

3. How much do you know about ‘The Last of England’ painting by Ford Maddox Brown? See if you can answer these questions. Click on the image to learn more.

4. Learn more about the painting and emigration to Australia in Victorian England.

5. How important was the Australian gold rush in the making of the nation?

The rise of accent softening

21 03 2019

1. Are the English classified by their way of speaking? Read more HERE

2. What are the advantages in talking with the “white voice”?

3. What’s wrong with a northern accent? Click on the pic to read the article. Listen to the podcast HERE (18:50 to the end).

4. What has Eliza set herself out to conquer? What is it that ‘she gets‘ in the end? Find the script HERE

5. Are actors of colour only offered roles of racial steretypes?

Language and Power

14 03 2019

1. What made English a global language?

2. It’s just talk, right?

3. What is the logic of Newspeak? What’s its ultimate goal? Read more HERE

The Hurricane

16 02 2019

1. What happened to the “Hurricane,” the man who could have been the champion of the world? Read more HERE 

2. Here comes Bob Dylan’s blow-by-blow story of middleweight boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. Find out more HERE 

3. What are the two things about books that Lesra learns? Why do you think he chose precisely that book?

4. This new inquiry into the case by the BBC wants people to draw their own conclusions. 

The Hurricane Tapes: Out 14 January!

Four shot.Three dead.18 years in prison.And now, the truth?The #HurricaneTapes – a hard-hitting 13-episode podcast, out 14 January.

Publiée par BBC Sport sur Lundi 31 décembre 2018

Real power belongs to the people

5 02 2019

1. Listen to Greta and make notes. Can you recap her message? (Try and answer the 5Wh + 1H questions.) Read more HERE.

2. Listen carefully and pick info about Jacob and his life. How did he come to sue the federal government over climate change? Read more HERE

3. How did Aji first learn to make a speech? Do you find him persuasive? Explain why. Learn more HERE , HERE and HERE

4. Why did these pre-teens go to Senator Feinstein’s office? What got them interested in climate change? Had they ever heard of Greta Thunberg before? 

5. What impact does climate change have on California’s wildfires? Prepare for your final task HERE.


10 01 2019

1. Do you know any of these movies? Talk about the collage saying as much as you can about each film.

2. What’s unusual about the trailer? How does Hitchcock manipulate the viewer? 

3. Can you now write the pitch for the movie? Click on the pick to study a text.


The Spirits of Christmas

13 12 2018

1. Listen carefully for the missing words. Fill in the gaps HERE

2. Watch Richard Williams’ animated adaptation of Charles Dickens’ timeless seasonal parable. Read an EXCERPT from the original.

3. Watch the trailer for another adaptation of the story and do this listening exercise.

4. What is the ‘Church of Stop Shopping’? What do they do?

5. Listen to the poet and fill in the gaps HERE

Culinary Exchanges

29 11 2018

1. What do you know about the dish?. Read more HERE

2. Who decides what is beauty for women? Analyse this POEM by Janice Mirikitani.

3. Fancy trying this recipe? Analyse the poem HERE

4. Let’s do a bit of history! And this EXERCISE