Culinary Exchanges

29 11 2018

1. What do you know about the dish?. Read more HERE

2. Who decides what is beauty for women? Analyse this POEM by Janice Mirikitani.

3. Fancy trying this recipe? Analyse the poem HERE

4. Let’s do a bit of history! And this EXERCISE

Fast Food Nation

14 11 2018

1. First try this CROSSWORD. Then watch the clip. How did this quite ordinary guy make it so big? 

2. The same story is told in a great song by Mark Knopfler. 

3. Let’s learn more about this fast food story, shall we? Then, why not do a few EXERCISES?

4. What’s the secret recipe for success? 

5. Food fit for athletes?

6. The Olympic Rings and the Golden Arches are finally parting ways though.

6. Explain why this is not the best tactic to sell food. Read more HERE

A quiet passion

12 11 2018

1. This biopic is coming to a cinema near you. It will be on during next week’s festival!

2. Learn more about the life and poetry of Emily Dickinson. Do these EXERCISES

3. A 2017’s exhibition at the Morgan Library and Museum in New York took a closer look at the iconic American cultural figure.

4. Film director Terence Davies is guest of honor this year. Maybe you have a question?

Visions for London

14 10 2018

1. Listen to Benjamin’s reading of his poem and do these exercises.

2. What’s this video about? Do you think this could help remedy some of city life cons? Take a vocabulary quiz HERE.

3. What do we learn about London Mayor’s biography and politics? To what extent can Mr Khan be seen as the embodiment of “the London breed”? Find your assignment HERE

4.  Listen to ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson explain the problems the city faces and his plans to solve them.

5. What is ruining London? Are there any alternatives? What needs to be done


Love and Hate in Black and White

17 09 2018

1. Is love possible when you’re the ‘wrong colour‘?

2. In its opening frame, the film shows a photo of and dedication to  Yusuf Hawkins   What happened to him? Who is Keith Mondello?

3. Why does Flipper quarrel with the waitress?

4. Why is Flipper in trouble?

5.Why does Flipper give up? 

6. Prepare for the Baccalaureat. Click on the pic and take the test!


The Importance of Participating in Life.

12 09 2018

1. Do you know the story? Read more HERE

2. And here you get to see the opening of the movie adaptation.

3. Use a SOAPSTone graphic organizer to study a passage from the novel HERE

4. Watch the trailer and answer these QUESTIONS. Now present and defend your choice for the school’s film club. Read more HERE and HERE

5. Click below to read an excerpt from Nancy Jo Sales’s book.

6. Create your own storyboard version of the passage. Click on the pic.

Made with Storyboard That




A world without barriers?

12 09 2018

1. Bronx Tale, from movie to musical.

2. Listen to the dialogue and fill in the missing lines HERE Find out more about contractions in spoken English.

3. Who should Calogero listen to, his father or his father figure, Sonny?

4. Read a passage from a book HERE.  Then use a Venn diagram to study similarities and differences.

What you post can ruin your life

12 09 2018

1. What is a digital identity?


2. Why are schools teaching students about Internet safety? Read more HERE

3.  Click on the cartoon and take the test!

4. The bottom line? It is your responsibility to use the Internet safely!

5. Your Task. Your school is preparing a campaign to inform students about Internet Safety. Prepare a short video, slide presentation or a poster to explain the dangers of social media and give them advice. Click below for help.



Movies and tourists

26 04 2018

1. Click on the pic and watch the scene. What kind of tourist is Mrs Moore?

2. “Making a statement about human values.” Read more HERE

3. How can movies help boost tourism? Take the test HERE

4. Find below some vocabulary exercises.

Life’s but a poor player

4 04 2018

1. What is the story about?

2. A must-read?

3. How does Rita react to the Scottish Play (36:23-40:47)? Read more HERE

4. Take down a few ideas and get ready to recite Macbeth’s soliloquy.