Tourism in the age of globalisation

18 03 2018

1. Tourism has many benefits but what are its environmental and social impacts? Make a list of some of its advantages and disadvantages

2. List as many reasons as possible to visit Jamaica.

3. Click on the image below to learn more on the impacts of mass tourism to Jamaica.

4. Click on the pic to read a book excerpt.  To what extent do the tourists described in the passage fit Duane Hanson’s “Tourists”?

5. Do rich countries and the IMF keep the Caribbean poor?


Beware of Vampires

18 03 2018

1. Who is the vampire in this song? Find out more HERE

2. Learn more about the origins of the most famous bloodsucker of all time!

3. The archetypal vampire had no taste for wine. Read an excerpt from the novel HERE

4. Use this diagram to compare the clip and the book excerpt above.

5. A sleepover to die for. Read more HERE and  HERE


Conquering America

19 12 2017

1. What impressions do the images and the music create in this opening scene? Say how they convey the characters’ feelings. Read more HERE

2. Why does King Powhatan decide to spare John Smith’s life in the end?

3. Compare the Indians to the white settlers. Consider their clothes, appearances, lifestyle and values. Read more HERE

The DisUnited Kingdom?

4 05 2017

1. What is article 50? Or, what happens now?  Read more HERE

2. What consequences could Brexit have? Learn  more about the vocabulary of Brexit HERE 

 3. After Brexit, could London become independent? Ready for a CROSSWORD on Brexit? 

4. Why doesn’t Scotland want to Leave Europe? Read a written version of this story HERE

5. Do you find this song powerful? Choose a few lines and explain why. Read the lyrics HERE 

Come and join. This is now British curry.

10 01 2017

1. Watch the video and answer these QUESTIONS

2. As for British curry, all the ingredients of this national recipe are equally important.


East and West: Never the Twain Shall Meet?

6 12 2016

1. Paul Scofield reads the closing couplet from The Ballad Of East And West by Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

2. How come that, from an American point of view, East is west, and West is east? Click on the map to find out.

3. Explore the history of South Asians in Britain between 1858 and 1950 using this interactive timeline. Click on the pic and browse the diverse and rich contributions Asians have made to British life.


4. Meet the Khans. What makes them “a family with no latitude”? Answer this and a few more questions HERE Read more about this movie HERE

5. Analyse the film opening. In what ways does the scene capture the culture clash which is at the centre of the story? Read more HERE

6. Rizwan “Riz” Ahmed is a half English and half Pakistani musician and actor. How far does this clip mirror the themes developed in the movie? Find the song lyrics and more HERE

The Roots and Growth of Hip-Hop

8 02 2016

1. Who and what made hip-hop? What is scratching, back spinning or  MCing? Check it out HERE

2. Click on the cartoon below to learn more on the growth of hip-hop.


3. Listen and learn more about the birth of hip-hop in the Bronx. What are the roots of hip-hop? Find out more HERE

4. Gil Scott Heron has had a huge influence on rappers.

5. What is the message behind the lyrics? Go deeper HERE

6. Mind Maps are great to organize ideas when preparing for a presentation. 


7. Watch Jimmy Rabbit work hard to make his dream come true.


Life and death of a refugee

13 09 2015

1. That Little Syrian Boy: Here’s Who He Was (find the transcript here)

2. A sculpture is worth a thousand words. Imagine a radio interview with the artist (click on the pic for help)



3. Can you tell Issa’s story?

4. Refugee Boy: can you guess what the father decides to do? Click to listen to an excerpt and a presentation.



5. Watch the trailer for the stage adaptation of the book. What more do you learn about the protagonist? 

6. Take a look at this poem. Do you think that it captures Alem’s experience? Explain.

Benjamin Zephaniah – We Refugees par poemhunter