Is a new border fence between Mexico and the U.S. necessary?

24 01 2019

1. Watch this video and prepare for the speaking exam.

2. Click on the cartoon to read about the existing fence.

the plymouth rock cartoon

3. Donald Trump under attack over new fence plan.

4. Read about the effectiveness of such an idea.


5. Watch this animated cartoon and fill in this TEXT

6. Listen to Obama’s speech on immigration (2 or 3 times). Then use this PAGE to recap.

7. Do you have a view on the issue? Join the debate.


How are identities formed or manipulated?

7 02 2018

1. Is this the end for multiculturalism? Read more HERE

2.  David Bowie wrote the theme song to the BBC dramatisation of Hanif Kureishi’s Buddha Of Suburbia.

3. Writer Hanif Kureishi has often explored race and the fluidity of identity.

4. How to put a match to a tinder box. Find out more HERE

5. A heat wave brings racial tensions to boiling point in a London chip shop. Study two texts about Cultural Diversity

7.  Is Sadiq Khan the face of multicultural Britain?

8. What overall vision of Canada does the POEM give? Describe its tone.

9. Not everyone thinks that giving shelter to people planning to cross the channel illegally is a good idea. What do you think?

What voice for Europe?

5 09 2017

1. What language do European citizens think is the most useful? Read more HERE.

2. Click to listen to this recording & then take the QUIZ

3. What is the best language to learn in Europe? Read more HERE

4. Your MISSION: make a video to promote EDL or a European language.

Scotland: A Spirit of its Own.

21 03 2017

1. Where and how can you feel the “Scottish spirit”? Find out more HERE & HERE 

2. What are William Wallace’s traits? In what ways does this hero incarnate the “Scottish spirit”? Read more HERE

3. What makes this young Scotswoman special? To what extent does she embody the Auld Country’s tradition of defiance?

4. What is “Scotland’s other national drink”?

5. Click on the pic to do some interactive activities.

English – the new lingua franca.

9 09 2016

11th and 12th graders, click on the pic to find all the info you need.


1. (A primer = basic information about a subject) Prepare a primer on the United Kingdom vs Great Britain vs England.

2. Now prepare a primer on the English-speaking world. Name at least 6 countries,  outside the UK, where English is widely spoken and say why English is spoken in some of those countries. Find out more by clicking on the pic.



3. What is a mania? Why are so many people across the planet learning English today? According to the speaker, is the present “English mania” a threat or an opportunity?

 4. Let’s make a humorous pause here with a British Citizenship Test by stand-up comedian Imran Yusuf.

5. Watch & listen for at least 10 important moments and/ or influences in the evolution of the English language. Find HERE a recap of the main steps. And learn more HERE  

5. Under the British Flag. Click on the pic to learn more about your task.

6. BBC Poetry Season – Zephaniah and students perform The British. This may serve as inspiration for your final task. Find the full text of the poem HERE


6. Why is English important? Click on the poster and do these activities.


7. Hollywood goes to China. Read more about the topic HERE


American Progress

25 04 2016

1. Click on the pic to analyse this famous 1872 painting.

American Progress

2. Click on the maps below to learn more on Westward Expansion.

 Wesward Expansion-1840-50 Maps

3. What vision of the Old West does this John Ford movie present? Learn more HERE

Making the world a better looking place

11 01 2016

1. Some think art is all a  façade. What do you think? 

2. What is the story of graffiti? Listen and find out. 

3. Find out what some artists think about  graffiti and the London street art scene. 


Is it better to be feared or loved?

10 10 2015

1. Why do Lorenzo, Calogero’s father, and Sonny, ‘the man who owned the neighbourhood,’ fight over C? Why is  Calogero drawn to Sonny?


2. Calogero didn’t rat. But did he do “the right thing”?

3. Why does Lorenzo give Sonny his money back? Why does he want his son to stay away from Sonny?

4. Why does C find it so difficult to speak to Jane? 

5. What advice does C get from his ‘two father figures’? How do their views compare?


6. In what way did fiction and reality mix up in Lilo Brancato’s life?

EU Migrant Crisis: Can Humanity Prevail?

9 09 2015

1. Watch the video and make a short oral account of the situation (you can also use this PRESS REVIEW ).

2. Can you tell the central character’s story and relate this song to the current events in Europe? You’ll find the song’s lyrics & lots more HERE

3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine an interview with the cartoonists.


b. cartoon-EU-Moved-by-toddler-death

4. See how some ordinary EU citizens are getting involved. What can you do?

a. Oliver, a British student, is at the Hungary-Austria border helping migrants reach Germany.

b. A British teacher is bringing poetry to the ‘Jungle’.


5. Anglo-Jamaican poet Benjamin Zephaniah and UKIP leader Nigel Farage debate immigration.

Will Brazil score better than South Africa?

15 04 2014

1. Why are Brazilians protesting?

2. What does Ronaldo say about the protests in Brazil?

3. What was wrong with the ADIDAS T-shirts?

4. Will Brazil do better than South Africa in 2010?