Memorable Drill Instructors

22 01 2013

1. Watch the clip below and characterize Lt. Aldo Raine [SCRIPT].





2. This time the character you have to describe in details is Gunnery Sergeant Hartman [SCRIPT].

3. After watching the two clips, compare the two characters’ speeches. Look especially at their vocabulary, register, body language and message. Use the language of comparison sheet and try to vary your phrases and vocabulary.

4. Just for fun, watch this clip starring Rowan Atkinson as another memorable drill instructor.

Where Are You Now, My Son?

8 01 2013

A– Bearing in mind Joan Baez’ 1972 visit to Vietnam, talk about the woman at right. Click on the picture to access a word list.

B– Next click on the photo to listen to the song (20:00). Mark the breath groups as you listen.

C– In pairs, do exercises B.1 to B.8.

D– In twos, talk about Joan Baez and her song for about 2 minutes [you may imagine you’re two journalists/ students making a presentation or a teacher testing one of his students (ten questions minimum)].


Men at War

16 10 2012

1. My Boy Jack — End Poem Watch the video and learn the poem lines to be delivered in pairs next week.

2What is this video? Who are the characters portrayed? What period in British history does it refer to? What does the woman warn the man against?

3.  Watch the clip at left. Can you explain the article’s headline and subhead now?

4. find the article and the relating activities HERE