Romans in Britain

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  • Asterix in Britain…
  • The Entire history of Roman Britain (55BC-410AD) – Documentary (first 2’40min)
  • Sum up the milestones in the history of the Roman Britannia thanks to your document and to the timeline : here.
  • Who decided the Roman invasion of Britain ? When ? Why
  • Try to find the reasons of Boudicca’s revolt against the Romans:
  • End of this revolt? (video)
  • What were the major contributions of the Roman army to Britain?
    • 13 things the Romans did for the Britons (website)
  • According to your document, what were the main characteristics of romanisation in Britain? Why was it so interesting for the Romans? (Video: How Roman was Roman Britain? The British Museum)
  • Click here and find how long it took to travel from Rome to Londinium.
  • Who built Hadrian’s wall ? why ?
  • Try to sum up the history and the reasons of the fall of Roman Britannia.
  • Roman remains in Britain (here)

Life in Britain as a Roman:

  • A day in the life of a 10-year-old Roman: video here.
  • Romans villas: what was it like in Roman Britain. Here.
  • Public bath in Roman Britain: here.

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