Presenting our work at Lycée Jules Haag’s Open Day

11 10 2013

On School Open Day in February, we presented our partnership with Finland, as well as the students’ work throughout these two years.

Here are some photos:

Videos of Finland

20 09 2013


Well, it has been a while since anything has been posted on this blog and it is high time to make up for it, especially since we’ve had some great material! Two of our students, Clément and Lucas (helped by Hadrien) have made two awesome videos about our stay in Finland.

This is Clément’s video:

Clément’s video

And this is Lucas’s video and the narrative is told by Hadrien in French… We are still waiting for Candice to translate it 😉

Lucas’s video



N.B.: These two videos were shown in lycée Jules Haag in March on a special evening which was quite successful!

Winter sports

31 01 2013

A day in Rovaniemi

31 01 2013

We´ve seen the real Santa Claus there


Visits in Kemi

28 01 2013

Our life in Finland

27 01 2013

Theses pictures have been taken during our  visits on Friday

Visiting Pudäsjarvi

25 01 2013

Discovering the artic way of life

24 01 2013

First images from frenchies in Finland

23 01 2013

Météo – Important

20 01 2013

Etant données les conditions météo de cet après-midi et de cette nuit, il serait préférable que vous soyez tous présents à 5:30 demain matin pour que le bus puisse partir dans les plus brefs délais. Ceci nous permettrait d’avoir de la marge en cas de mauvaises conditions sur la route. Nous comptons sur votre coopération.

A demain,

L’équipe de professeurs en charge du projet Coménius