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Ireland and Book of Kells

The  Secret of Kells (film)


Webquest (adapted from the original site)

Names : _________________________________________________

Your name is Sean O’Connell. You are Irish-American. You live  in Chicago and come to Ireland for the first time with your family to discover your roots.

I)                   First of all, you decide to learn a bit about the HISTORY of Ireland to understand your roots.

1)      Your family moved to America because of the Great Famine. You explain to your family what it is and when it occurred.

The Great Famine is also called ___________________ . It is a famine that took place in _______________ between _______ and ________. It was due to a disease that instantly destroyed the _________________________ for many Irish. The famine has other causes : __________________________________________________________________________. It is suggested that between ___________ and ____________________ people died in the three years from 1846 to 1849 as a result of ____________________, which was about _____% of the population. Many people also emigrated to _____________________________________________________________________.

2)      Now, your family asks you why Ireland is mostly Catholic, whereas Great Britain is mostly protestant.

James, a Roman __________, had lost the throne of _________ in the bloodless war called  “_________________” of 16___. William won the war. He was ______ of ___________, a Protestant married to ____________________, and became king of Great Britain, so the country became p_________. James sought refuge with his old ally, , who saw an opportunity to strike at William through Ireland. He provided French officers and arms Louis XIV of _______ helped James to control _________, in 16___. James quickly created a parliament, largely __________, refusing Protestantism.

3)      When did Ireland become a free state ? ________

4)      As you walk in a pub, you hear the song “Bloody Sunday” by U2. It is a famous historical event. Explain what it is in your own words.


You can watch a live of the song and read the lyrics.

II) You decide to visit the country and learn a bit about the GEOGRAPHY of Ireland.

Ireland is  divided in ____  parts. _______________________ is the biggest part. Its capital city is _______________. ____________________ is part of _________________. Its capital city is _______________ .

1)      Write the correct names on top of each photograph (type the names in “Google images”) : Dublin, Giant’s Causeway, Cork, Connemara region.

2)      Now, locate them on the map of Ireland. Print the blank map and write them on it.

3)      Locate the main towns and cities on a  map: Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Wicklow, Donegal, Wexford, Kilamey.

Which photo and city is in Northern Ireland ? ___________________________________

III) Now, you go with your family to a typical Irish pub to discover the typical FOOD and DRINKS of Ireland.

1)      You order a Colcannon and an Irish stew for you and your family.

What are the two main ingredients of the Colcannon ? ___________________ and kale (=___________).

Explain the tradition.__________________________________________________________


What are the main ingredients of the Irish stew ? ___________________________________________________________________________

Which one would you prefer ? __________________________________________________

2)      Now, you order a drink.

What is the most famous Irish beer ? ___________________

What colour is it ? _______________________


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