Poetry 5°6 écriture inter-active

Number one:

there is a tree under the mountain
a mountain in the sky!

There is a ladybird on the flower
It is black and red, isn’t it?

There are lovers on the picture
A girl is holding a boy’s hand
and the boy is holding the girl’s hand
Aren’t they lovely?

Number two:

Can you guess?
Can you guess?

What have I got in my sleeve?
One trick? Two tricks?
More than one or two!
In my sleeve, I’ve got one thousand tricks
to keep people happy, smiling and wise!

Number three

Have you seen the…?
Have you seen the…?
The what?
Have you seen the squirrel
jumping here and there
with its nutty food?
No, I haven’t!

Have you seen the sheep [i:]
selling cheap[i:] chips [i]
on the cheap[i:] ship?[i]
Yes, I have!

So much luck, so much luck!
How lucky you are!
So much luck!
So much luck!
How lucky we are!

Number four:

One upon a time, there was a young boy who was selling shells on the seashore
There was also a young girl selling shells on the seashore
They decided to look after each other’s business
They thrived and thrived and thrived [ai]
They made a lot of money
… But guess what… they eventually fell in love, didn’t they?
I can’t believe your funny story, can I?

Of course, you can!

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