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Louis and the chocolate factory

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Teenager starts chocolate factory

Louis Barnett, BBC website

Louis has won contracts to supply supermarkets with his chocolates

A 15-year-old boy with learning difficulties has started his own(private) chocolate factory after winning contracts to supply supermarkets.

Louis Barnett, from Kinver, Staffs, left school aged 11 after being diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia(severe cognitve illnesses affecting knowledge acquisition) and began making chocolates at home.

New contracts have meant he has had to expand his firm Chokolit and has moved to a factory(usine) in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

He has taken on new staff, including his parents Phil and Mary Barnett.

Louis has been like this right from day one, he is a hard worker and is very enthusiastic about his product

Mary Barnett, mother

Louis said: “I’ve ____________________ been a very ______________ person and _________________where my food ______________from.

“I’ve been ___________ bits of ___________and making ____________with my ____________ since I was ______________four or five and ________________ it was just one of my ________________.

It is an ________________product it’s so many _______________properties and all the ____________that goes with chocolate and I mean they don’t ____________it theobromine for nothing and ____________of the gods . »

Huge risk’

Now he produces hundreds of chocolates and has won contracts to supply Sainsbury’s and Waitrose at Christmas.

His dad Phil quit his job to work with Louis and the 15-year-old’s former home tutor Jan is also employed at the confectionery firm.

Mary Barnett said: “Louis has been like this right from day one, he is a hard worker and is very enthusiastic about his product.

“It’s a huge risk, Phil has given up his job and we’ve put a lot of money in, but we believe that he’ll do it.”

Teenager starts chocolate factory

A2 – Berthe de Joux -local and medieval history

Berthe de Joux

In the year 1170, Amauri III de Joux, (leave)_________for a crusade.

His wife, Berthe de Joux and their son, Henri de Joux remain_____ in the Joux castle.

Berthe wait_____ for her husband for a long time.

One evening, the knight wounds, the young Amey de Montfaucon, (come)_________ back to the castle.

Berthe de Joux (think)__________ her husband had died.

She (find)_________ comfort in the presence of Amey de Montfaucon,a handsome young man, who (become)____________ Berthe’s best friend.

But one day, Amauri return_ to the castle.

He (meet) _________ the two lovers and jump_ and kill____Amey de Montfaucon with his sword.

He also want____ Berthe to be in a prison and to look at him from the prison –dungeon of the castle.

So he ask____ people to have him hanging from a fir-tree.

As for Berthe, she ______ locked up in the dungeon. 


She (be) _______ condemned to look at the corpse of her friend from the small window of the dungeon…

When Amauri III di___, his son, Henri de Joux, (become)__________lord.

He (be)______kind and gentle in manners, and as a good son he decid____ to release his mother, who (leave) ____________for the Abbaye de Montbenoit for the remaining days of her life. 




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