Trip to Italy

Monday, May 17th

Two pupils went to Italy.

Where did you go?

What did you see?

We saw the Tower of Pisa.

What is special about this tower?

This tower is bending on the  side.  (to bend= se courber, se pencher)

What was the weather like? It was sunny and pleasant and the temperature

was quite nice!

When did you leave? When did you come back?

to leave = quitter

to come back= revenir

We left on May 10 th and came back on  May 16th .

What did you do on the first day?

We went to Pisa.

We saw the Piazza  dei Miracoli   (miracles)

What did you eat in Italy?

We ate pasta for starters, potatoes with meat for main dish and ice-cream.

Which museum did you visit?

We visited the National Museum of Naples.

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