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A2-B1 -B2 Cree Tribe Native Americans and Thanksgiving



Joseph Boyden : We all fight our own wars…

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My name’s D… L…, I’m from Canada,

the Plains Cree Tribe.


I talk through  the Cree Nation, that’s my reservation.


I was invited here from my buddy, Barbara Dulk.


He was asking different tribes to come and

perform their style of dancing.


I am here representing the Cree Tribe from Canada.


My first time across the ocean, first time on a plane,

I really enjoy France.


I hope, I hope by being here I can now show

the way I’ve been taught,

the way of my ancestors


and I hope that by doing that people can learn ,


they can know [repeated twice]


We are not the Indians you see

on movies and Hollywood,


We are real, you know,

we are still around (smile)

Many thanks to Dany who kindly accepted to be recorded

and  to Ornans Pow Wow 2010, Association Four Winds !




curtesy of Eliot S



details from Courbet’s paintings

A2-B1-B2 Edward Hopper

Hopper 1powerpoint


“If I could say

it in words,

I wouldn’t need

to paint”

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NGA New York curator speaks about Edward Hopper’s paintings


Boys and girls meet:

a gorgeous adult Persian cat and a lovely German sheepherd
puppy – they’re going to get on like a house on fire.
several Rockwell’s illustrations:

It is  true or false ?

The atmosphere:

calm and quiet

disturbing  and disquieting

peaceful and relaxing

noisy with a lot of people walking and doing their shopping

It gives an impression of quietness and accomplishment

It conveys a  strange feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen

It conveys the feeling that something pleasant will take place

Which adjectives ?

sad- romantic- gothic- realisitc- modern- everyday America  or Grand America

Which words?

romanticism- realism-modernism- gothicism

What are the artist’s favourite scenes?

Choose two answers:

busy streets    or empty streets

-daylight  in the early morning or  at night

urban scenes  –  everyday America or  Grand America

-people interact with each other  (talk and chat)  

people are indifferent and do not care about each other

-people look at various directions

colourful   or     sad    scenes

-people on their own (seuls) or  people with friends

towns,  cities  or seascapes and landscapes

-loneliness and isolation

-lonely and isolated


On the one hand,

On the other hand,

It is up to the viewer to decide !

The viewer is considered as a free person to judge and make his own picture of the scene

The artist  is very respectful of the viewers as he does NOT impose his own viewpoint

The viewers are free to invent their own world

they can choose between  positive and negative feelings,

between loneliness and isolation

A1- A2 William the Conqueror Cultural Animated video clip

the preterite simple is one of the tenses used to speak about past events


After winning the battle against Harold’s army, the Normans became the new masters of England.

1. They took all the land. They did not ask anybody.


2. The English hated the Normans, because they were so cruel.


3. The peasants had to work hard. They did not get paid much.


4. They hid in the woods. They tried to escape William’s soldiers.


5. Only a few were able to run away. They fled to Scotland.


6. Later they were caught and punished very hard, because they had broken the King’s peace.


7. Soon William was master of the whole country. He built strong castles everywhere.


A-On Christmas Day 1066, I became King William.

B-Your Majesty!

C-We crushed the Saxons!

D- William defeated Harold at the battle of Hastings. His victory appeared in a tapestry in Bayeux (Normandy).

E-William set sail (ships and boats) on September 27th

F-“The sea is rough!, isn’t it?”

G- Our story begins in 1066. Harold Godwine became the last Saxon King of England.

H- In France, William, Duke of Normandy prepared an invasion, the great invasion of England.

I-The Normans wrote in Latin.

J-At Berkhampsted, the Saxons finally surrended to William  the Conqueror.

K- King Harold  died on the battlefield.

Bayeux tapestry relates the story of the invasion of England by William the Conqueror from the viewpoint of the warriors.


Match the  dates  with  the  events  down  below and  write   the  verb   in   the past   if   necessary

5th January (1)
6th January (2)
early May (3)
all Summer (4)
early September (5)
20th September(6)
25th September (7)
28th September (8)
13th October (9)
14th October (10)
24th December (11)

Edward the Confessor dies. (1)
Harold Godwinson crowned King. (2)
Halley’s Comet is visible. (3)
Harold waited for William to invade. (4)
Harold Hardrada lands in Northumbria. (5)
Hardrada wins Battle of Fulford Gate. (6)
King Harold wins Battle of Stamford Bridge. (7)
William lands in the south. (8)
Having rushed south, Harold camps at Senlac. (9)
The Battle of Hastings (10)
William crowned King in Westminster Abbey (11)

B1 Liverpool accent – binge drinking


Does the mother agree with her son’s drinking habits?

Why  does he drink alcohol?

What  is he repairing?

a puncture


* What are the French like?
Stereotypes on French people:

* What are the British like?

* What are the Germans like?

* What are the Italians lke?

[youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI15ewNwv9c&feature=channel[/youtube]


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