… Christopher Columbus, America and history

Les élèves jouent les personnages(prévoir une mise en scène minimale, une étoffe,  des fruits ...)

Wampanoag1 and Wampanoag2:

You are welcome on our land! We are the wampanoag tribe!

Christopher Columbus:

Hello, my name is Christopher Columbus. I am really tired.

I haven't got anything to eat and we are very hungry! We don't know where we are!

Have you got anything  for my men, their children and the ladies, please?

A lot of men were sick on the ship! They vomited and we didn't have enough food for everyone.

- Wampanoag1: Well, yes, we have a few things here. We've got eggs and fruit...and meat as well!

-Wampanoag2: We've got clean water and a fire! Come closer!

-CC: Thank you so much! It is very kind of you!

W1 and W2: Come in our tepee!

CC: You speak English very well!

W1 and W2: We know Europe very well!

CC: We are very lucky! Come on folks!


They all step inside the tepee.

The next autumn was a season with a lot of fruit and the English people invited the wampanoag for a meal...to say 'thanks'.

They had turkey with cranberries.

This was the first Thanksgiving meal!


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