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@ B2-C1 over-packing

Petition against over-packaging

To the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament,

We, European citizens and residents of the European Union,

consider that the growing increase of over-packaging, that is to say all packaging materials obviously over-sized only to promote the sales of these products, is an offence against the principle of sustainable and environmentally-friendly growth expressly mentioned in the Treaty on the European Union.

consider that the waste reduction and environmental protection required to take measures in order to limit over-packaging, as well as the research into environmentally-friendly packaging or the development of  packaging waste recycling procedures are not an end in themselves. We consider that only significant waste reduction at source will enable us to limit the impact of our consumer goods on the environment.

consider that if packaging does not play any role or does not contribute to the protection of the product during its preservation, transport, storage, identification or to inform consumers, it can be eliminated.

As packaging can represent up to 80 % of the total weight of the finished product and thus constitute up to 65% of its price, packaging reduction must enable every consumer to reduce the global volume of her/his waste production and to save money  proportionately.
However, as European Union Law, and especially the European Directive 94/62, does not propose any criteria to limit packaging marketing, we ask European Institutions to take measures to impose packaging restrictions on manufacturers.

This petition asks for measures to limit packaging in quantity and volume, and to restrict its use to the strict respect of the security and hygiene requirements of the products concerned.

The petition was translated accurately from the original text. However, in the event of dispute, the French version shall be deemed authentic.

<!– With the participation of Pierre-François MORIN, barrister at the Barreau de Paris.

–> Translated by e-trad : e-trad@orange.fr / www.e-trad.fr



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