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Colors (US) Colours (GB) 4°2



Some interesting images you found (dictionaries were allowed)

in bigger characters my favourite ones!

I am black  like a monster and a murderer

I am red like  blood and a victim or like a crime

I  am grey today, like the weather

I am green  and free like a garden

I am all in a muddle today and crazy like my thoughts

I am white today, big and soft like a cloud in the sky

I am pink today, happy and beautiful like a flower

I am pink today, happy and messy like love

I am brown today, dizzy and  not beautiful, not like a round day

I am white today, cute and interesting, humid and beautiful like  a lake

I am grey today, sad and wrong like TV (like a  TV set)

I am blue today, happy and serious like people

I am  pink today, awesome and cute like a clever clown

I am brown today, sweet and beautiful like life

I am pink today, like beauty, yummy and crisp like a big lovely apple

I am yellow today, shiny, sparkling and fascinating like a bright candle

I am blue today, fresh and icy like ice in winter

I am grey today, sad and miserable like a morning rain

I am yellow today, happy like a beach

I am red today, like a pen and small like a big hen

I am purple today, tall, very tall like my heart because I love you!


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