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A2-B1 Celebrating the New Year with the future tense

1- This year will be different from the last.

will nous permet de parler du futur avec la base verbale

will + base verbale

2- A la forme négative, will devient will + not : forme pleine

ou won’t : forme contractée

On utilise la même forme pour l’ensemble

des personnes du singulier et du pluriel.

3- Il existe aussi une forme contractée pour will :

  I’ll get it all done = I will get

  I’ll get serious = I will get

ici nous parlons du futur, de l’avenir et des résolutions :

En français, quand je parle de l’avenir, j’utilise aussi le futur.

I will give back to society : je donnerai en retour à la société.

You’ll give back to society : tu donneras en retour à la société.

He’ll give back to society : il donnera en retour à la société.

We’ll give back to society : nous donnerons en retour à la société.

You’ll give back to society : Vous donnerez en retour à la société.

They’ll give back to society : Ils donneront en retour à la société.

4- Il y a une forme familière que l’on trouve

à l’oral ainsi que dans les chansons.

I’m gonna eat right and cut out the junk.

J’vais (je vais) manger correctement et réduire la malbouffe.

ou bien

I’m going to eat right and cut out the junk.

I’m gonna eat est plus familier que I am going to

I will show more love to my family.

I won’t chat in class.

I will enjoy life and help others.

I will speak English more often.

I will play more sports.

I will  do more my homework.

I will read more.

I will set the table every day.

I will read a book every month.

I will tidy my room more often.

I will go on working  hard at school and get better marks.

In the future, I will keep fit, drink water and walk every day.

I will eat right  and cut out the junk food.

I will eat fruit and vegetables and I will exercise more.

In the future, I will work hard at school.


I will become an electrician and won’t be hurt.

I will become a carpenter.

I will become a police woman.

I will become  a tourist on one of our planets…

I will be a  star with lots of children and a family.

I will become the best sportsman on the moon.

I will skate on the moon.

I will be more friendly with my friends.

I will tidy my bedroom because it is messy.

I will be friendly with my friends and be polite!

I will become Prime Minister.

I will become The President of Europe!

I will become a farmer.

I will surf on Mars.

I won’t have any accidents.

I will become an astronaut.

I will become a designer of clothes.

I will become a vet.

I will be more organized.

Yes, I can revise my verbs and enjoy doing so!


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