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A2-B1 Australia: in the wild

How big is Uluru?

  • is 348 metres (1141 feet) high
  • rises 863 metres (2,831 ft) above sea level
  • is 3.6 km long (2.2 miles)
  • is 1.9 km wide (1.2 miles)
  • is 9.4 km or 5.8 miles around the base
  • covers 3.33 km2 (1.29 miles2)
  • extends about several km/miles into the ground (no-one knows exactly how far)

Alice : Australia and New Zealand 

audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?article4029Alice talks about Australia and New Zealand which are part of the Commonwealth and where part of her family has emigrated to.

Helen : my holidays in Australia 

audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?article4495Helen had wonderful experiences during her holidays in Australia !

Emma (Sydney, Australia

audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?auteur1973I was born in Sydney, Australia but I now live in France with my French husband and my 4 daughters.

Clare : Animals in Australia (1)

audio-lingua.http://eu/spip.php?article2208Clare, an Australian woman, tells us about the cutest Australian animals : kangaroos and koalas.

http://www.lemonde.fr/voyage/video/2011/08/23/l-art-contemporain-aborigene-le-centre-maningrida-de-darwin_1562683_3546.htmlIn the wild



Ecrire un conte, une histoire autour du thème “In the wild” 

Vous pouvez vous  inspirer d’autres contes en les personnalisant.

What  you must respect!

Begin your story or tale with the following elements

Once upon a time, there was+ singular

Once upon a time, there were + plurial

Include vocabulary from “In the wild!”

L’ensemble des expressions doivent  être utilisées.

Include the following words:






Include comparatives and superlatives:

equality:           as… as

inferiority:   less… than

superiority:    more… than

a short adjective + er  than

Include the best, the greatest, the most beautiful!

La partie narrative est au passé (prétérit). Les dialogues doivent être au présent.


Once upon a time, when the desert was very hot, there were lots of kangaroos, lots of scarlet-chested parrots, lots of dingoes, lots of platypuses and lots of wombats. We could bike, we could jog and we could go rafting in the river! It was great! Just great! A wonderful world! Then ,the White Men arrived with their convicts and it was the beginning of our tragedies! Our water got polluted, our land was transformed into poor places  with dead fish!  It was hell on earth! Eventually, we asked a great magician and three wise people to help us. They finally convinced all the people to change their habits and the earth started changing into paradise!

Rémi C

The country was bigger than China. We just loved being the  first inhabitants: the Aborigenes!

There were also kangaroos and koalas everywhere in the country.

Koalas were protected and kangaroos were also given shelters …

But the white men arrived and it was the very beginning of tragedies: pollution could be seen everywhere!

Eventually, the land was protected just as in Amazonia! We found a magician who could stop the dishonest people!

They were no longer allowed to do what they wanted with our beautiful sand! They were not no longer allowed to throw

rockets in the sky!   We won the battle! Yes, we did!


Once upon a time, there were lots of very good friends who were having a great time together!


-Good afternoon!

-Let us hop on the bus! Let us walk past the rocks!

-Let us go to Australia on the campsite!

-Let us do that!

-Look at the snakes and the kangaroos! here they are!

-Well, unfortunately, there are no kangaroos! They’ve all gone!

-Now, let us go and have dinner!

-Greetings! All the best!

Australia is hot, as hot as Africa! But we love living there!


Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful sky and one of the most beautiful sun you  have ever seen!

There were also birds which were singing in the air! But it was a dangerous place to be! Yes, indeed, it was!

You had to be  be careful and avoid snakes! We just hopped on the bus in order to stay away from marsupials

which are less beautiful than kangaroos, because kangaroos  could be seen everywhere in Australia!

At night, one had to be very careful because one can  be bitten by snakes!

One had to  build shelters so that children could  sleep pleasantly and play and cook and clean up the dishes!

Then one had to  wake up and build up a fire because we wanted  to have sausages for lunch.

The sausage was  better than the fish!

In Australia, the sun was as  beautiful in the South as in the North! It was paradise!

There were  lots of places to visit. Finally, we went back to France and we left the kangaroos and koalas!

We eventually got the opportunity to take photographs of the big koalas. They looked great and so cute!

We had fun! Thanks, Australia!



-Hey! How are you today!

-I’ m fine! Thanks! How was your trip to Australia?

-Oh! That’s great!

-Go ahead! Tell me more about it!

-Alright! You hop off the bus and the land is just wonderful! You walk past the rocks, you have a picnic and paradise is at hand!

In the afternoon, you can watch marsupials but you must stay away from them… You have to be very careful!

You can build a shelter next to a campfire!

-That’s great!

-Well, we will speak about it later on, Mum is calling me! I must go!

-Goodbye! See you! Hugs and kisses, you are my best friend!

-Yes, good bye, sweetie!

A1-A2 comparatives Tuesday, May 24th

tiger  giraffe kangaroo koala lion hippo tarantula donkey canary elephant crocodile chimpanzee

Melissa’s hair is darker and straighter than Colas’s hair!

Laura is the tallest pupil of the class!

Jywann is the most talkative of the class!

He likes chatting with his friends!

He is fond of stories! And he likes reading!

Lisa is one of  the quietest pupil of the class: she never speaks

with her friends and she always listens to the teacher and to other

pupils! She is one of the most patient pupil of the class!

Colas has got curlier hair than Anthony!


May 2011