Back to school – Respect the rules and Introduce yourself A1-A2 September 2016

 Listen and repeat 

How are you today?


Who ...?



Niveau A1 

J'écoute et je  suis capable de faire une fiche d'identité de la personne qui parle:


- Christine : My name is...
Christine introduces herself : age, origin, family, hobbies, physical description...

- William introduces himself

William talks about himself and his family, especially his sisters.

- Joanna : She introduces herself

Joanna talks about herself, her family, her hobbies. She also describes herself physically.

- Declan : who I am !

Declan introduces himself.

- Joe : A few words about me

Joe is from Streator, in the USA. He introduces himself.


 Niveau A2

- Sara introduces herself
Sara talks about her origins, her physical description and her family.

- Harriet introduces herself

Harriet talks about herself, her hobbies in particular.

- Maria introduces herself

Maria talks about her life, her family, her studies, her work...

- Franck introduces himself

Franck talks about his family and his hobbies.

- Paul introduces himself

Paul talks about himself, his pets and his hobbies.

- Joanna : She introduces herself again

Joanna talks about herself.

- Francesca : She introduces herself

Francesca was born in the Philippines but lives in New Zealand. She talks about her family, her hobbies, her job, etc.

- Angela : Her origins and country

Angela introduces herself, her country, region and city.


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