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Tim Burton


Find out about prepositions: 








“Pardon my enthusiasm!”

“I like your enthusiasm!”

an extract from The Corpse Bride by Tim Burton




My haunted house

There is an owl in the tree. There is a Jack o’ Lantern in front of the house. There is a cat on the roof. There is a ghost in the left downstairs window. There is a witch flying on a broomstick above the moon. There are graves beside the house. There is a skeleton in the right downstairs window. There is a bat in the sky. There is a cobweb above the door. There is a vampire next to the house. There is a werewolf under the tree.



There is a five centimeter pumpkin on the road.

There is a moon at the top of the pumpkin.

There are three cats on the left of the pumpkin.

There is a hat under the road.

There is a cobweb next to the moon.

from A2 Bhutan, the last valley in sanskrit is also called the Kingdom of the Dragon



 The wedding of the King and the Princess of the Kingdom of the Dragon.

Bhutan in English or Bhoutan in French is a country as big as Switzerland.School is compulsory for boys and girls. The language is “ dzongkha” . English is compulsory for boys and girls. School has got a mixed number of boys and girls. You can see dragons everywhere in Bhutan.

Bhutan means the last valley in Sanskrit. The inhabitants are the Bhutanese. 


My noun toolbox friend=

music, a uniform, silk, shiny silk, a scarf,respect, a tie, the lady, the gentleman, ladies and gentlemen, the King, the Princess, the crown, a necklace, a ring and a watch, fruit, the Palace of Happiness,


My adjective toolbox friend=

happy, unhappy, manly and handsome, lovely and beautiful, sad, nervous, afraid and frightened, obedient, respectful, smiling, serious, kind, good-looking, green orange, red, black, white, yellow, grey, purple, in love, not in love, tolerant, different, religious and military


My verb toolbox friend=

to be in love, to walk, to smile, to sing, to hold, to bow, to pay respect to, to like, to enjoy, to hate, to accept difference, to wear (the lady is wearing) (the gentleman is wearing)


My preposition toolbox friend=

close to, near, behind, in front of, on top of, up, down


My culture toolbox friend=

Bhutan, India, Nepal, The Himalayas, a country, wedding or marriage, ceremony, tradition, history, war, peace, a Catholic, Catholicism, a Protestant, Protestantism, an Islamic, Islam, Buddhism, a Buddhist, a Hindu, Hinduism, religion.



Halloween + Chinese portraits A1+A2 + B1

Voici la petite compilation  Audio-lingua pour Halloween:



En vous rendant sur le site Audio-lingua, il faut indiquer :

– le niveau

– la langue sélectionnée

-le personnage si vous souhaitez écouter un audio-clip qui vous a été recommandé en cours
C’est la manière de retrouver et d’activer un lien qui ne fonctionne pas en direct depuis mes pages du webpédagogique.

 Fichiers de niveau A2


Jo : I like Halloween
Jo explains why she likes celebrating Halloween.

Frank : how kids celebrate Halloween in the US
Frank explains how American kids celebrate Halloween.

Cortney : the whole tradition of Halloween
Cortney talks about the way younger children celebrate Halloween in the US.

Blaine : I like Halloween
Blaine explains why Halloween is his favourite holiday.

Molly : trick or treating is fun !
Molly talks about what people usually do on Halloween night in the US.

Morgan : let’s get dressed up for Halloween !
Halloween is a fun time to spend with friends, trick or treating in random streets.

Leslie : Halloween is my favourite holiday
Leslie explains what young people usually do on Halloween day.


 Fichiers de niveau B1


Declan : Halloween
Hallowe’en in Ireland.

Ashley : teenagers don’t celebrate Halloween as younger kids do
Ashley talks about the way kids and students celebrate Halloween in the US : picking a costume, trick-or-treating, partying and playing scary games.

Jason : Halloween and its traditions
Jason speaks about the celebration of Halloween and its traditions : trick or treating, pumpkin carving, dressing up…

Paul : Halloween in the US
Paul tells us what Halloween is and how kids celebrate it : costumes, carving a pumpkin and trick or treating.

Kerrin : Trick or treating – Halloween in Scotland
Kerrin, a Scottish girl, tells us everything about the tradition of trick or treating for Halloween.

Kerrin : Apple bobbing – Halloween in Scotland
Kerrin, a Scottish girl, tells us evertything about the game of apple bobbing and its variations for Halloween.

Niveau A1 :

Jenny (GB)


Niveau A2:

Jenny (GB)


Rebecca (GB)


Rebecca (GB)


Bernard (GB)


Candide (GB)


Niveau A2 + :


Paul (US)


Niveau B1

Maria (US)
part 1
part 2

From  View message header detail Keziah Kirika <Keziah.Kirika@unep.org> 
Sent  Wednesday, October 12, 2011 1:55 pm
To  undisclosed-recipients: ; 
Subject  After the sad passing away of The Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign Patron, Professor Wangari Mathaai, the Billion Tree Campaign team would be happy to update your latest planted trees or total planted from 2007

Greetings from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign team would be happy to update your latest planted trees or total planted from 2007 to now.

Thank you for your contribution toward the success of this global campaign.

We look forward to you kind response.

With best regards,

Yours in the service of the Earth,
Keziah Kirika(Ms)
Research and Information Assistant
Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign
United Nations Environment Programme
P.O Box 30552
United Nations Avenue
Tel:254 20 762 46 21
Fax: 254 20 762 39 27

email: keziah.kirika@unep.org


October 2011

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