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Breakfast and keep fit+porridge recipe;-)

For breakfast I usually have=

– a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice

-a cup of tea/ coffee/ hot chocolate/milk

– two slices of bread + jam and butter

– one hard boiled egg

– a piece of cheese



An eco-friendly recipe for porridge=

In the evening=

Heat water or milk .

Pour the water or the milk on the  oat flakes .

Let it stay over night.


In the morning =

You can add more water or more milk.

You can eat  it  hot or cold  as you like.

You can add sugar or marmelade or jam or sultanas or any fruit you like.


Le porridge est un plat ancestral  fait à partir de l’avoine dont on trouve des traces remontant à 5000 ans dans tout le nord de l’Europe.Les anglais colonisateurs de l’Ecosse étaient assez méprisants à l’égard de cette céréale qu’ils regardaient de haut en disant qu’elle était pour les chevaux.

co A1-A2   Nom prénom et classe:————————————————————————–

What do you do in the morning?

Je remets dans le bon ordre les éléments de la chanson

et j’élimine ceux qui ne sont pas dans la chanson:

I talk to my Mum and Dad.

I get dressed.

I watch TV.

I feed the cat and the dog.

I listen to the radio.

I go to school.

I wake up.

I brush  my teeth.

I wash my face.

I eat  breakfast.

I comb my hair.

I get out of bed.

I brush my hair.

Do you like the music of the song? 

Je souligne les mots  qui correspondent à ma réponse.

-Yes, I do  because it is amusing/ sad/entertaining/ strange/ colourful. It has got rhythm.

-No, I don’t because it is violent and aggressive.It hasn’t got rhythm.

-No, I don’t because it is not my type of music.

-Yes, I do because the girl looks very friendly.She is smiling.




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