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Cria Cuervos by Carlos Saura 3°7

Thursday, November 17th (seventeenth)

Cria Cuervos     by      Carlos Saura

  • What is it about? (De quoi ça parle? Quel est le sujet?

  • -What do you think about  the film? What is your viewpoint?

It is about a little girl who is acting very strangely.

To act strangely= agir de manière étrange

  • She thinks about death.

  • She regularly thinkS  about death : l’adverbe de fréquence se place avant le verbe

  • She asks Rosana to show her breasts.

  • She says she doesn’t want to wear a bra.

To show= montrer

death= la mort

to think about= penser à

to ask= demander

breasts= seins

to want to= vouloir

to wear = porter ( vêtements)


T. liked the music more than the film. ( plus la musique que le film)

F. liked the burial.(l’enterrement)

I liked the passage when she discovers her father.

To discover= découvrir

K. liked the music as well (aussi).

T. liked the passage when the father dies.

He liked it because it is strange and scary!

C.  liked the film but didn’t like the little girl who is acting in a strange way.

Cl.‘s viewpoint= le point de vue de Clémentine

She didn’t like the film because there is no action.

L.  didn’t like the song.

She thinks that the little girl acts very well but is frightening.

Frightening= qui fait peur

Laura‘s viewpoint and Cédric‘s viewpoint are different.

Ici on utilise le cas possessif dit encore cas génitif.

Océane didn’t like the film because it was in Spanish.

It is too sad.


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