Once upon a time, there was…

The Pea and the Princess adapted from its original version.

Once upon a time there was...a Prince but he wanted a Princess.

He travelled around the world but there was always something wrong.

-"There must be a real Princess for me somewhere!" he thought.

There was always something wrong and Our Prince  could not find one.


One day, there was a terrible storm with thunder and lightening.

In the middle of the storm, something happened and a Princess appeared but the Old King did not believe the Princess nor did the Prince. They thought she was not a Princess because of her appearance.

The Princess stood outside and she was in a terrible state because of the rain on her clothes and her hair and her face...

-"We shall see if you are  a real Princess!" (On va voir si vous êtes une vraie Princesse!")

She put 20 mattresses and twenty feather-beds. And she put a pea under  the mattress or mattresses.

-"How did you sleep last night?"

-"I slept terribly bad!"... she said. "I hardly closed my eyes and my body is all black and blue."

So the Prince was sure she was a real Princess.

The pea was placed in a museum!

Everybody can see it now!


My conclusion about Andersen's tale?



a tale=

Once upon a time=

to want=

to travel around the world=


something wrong=

to find=

a storm=



to believe=

to think=






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