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Beginning of Looking for Eric by Ken Loach








Camera Angles: Close-Ups and Long Shots

How can you communicate your vision on the screen?

establishing shotlong shotmedium shotover-the-shoulder shotclose-up


Establishing shot
A shot, normally taken from a great distance or from a “bird’s eye view,” that establishes where the action is about to occur. In your science-fiction movie, you will probably need an establishing shot of the Paris skyline, most likely one that shows the Eiffel Tower. This will communicate to the audience that the action takes place in Paris.

Long shot
A shot that shows a scene from a distance (but not as great a distance as the establishing shot). A long shot is used to stress the environment or setting of a scene. In filming your science-fiction movie, for example, you might use a long shot to show the monster causing traffic jams and panicked crowds.

Medium shot
A shot that frames actors, normally from the waist up. The medium shot can be used to focus attention on an interaction between two actors, such as a struggle, debate, or embrace.

Over-the-shoulder shot
A shot of one actor taken from over the shoulder of another actor. An over-the-shoulder shot is used when two characters are interacting face-to-face. Filming over an actor’s shoulder focuses the audience’s attention on one actor at a time in a conversation, rather than on both.

A shot taken at close range, sometimes only inches away from an actor’s face, a prop, or some other object. The close-up is designed to focus attention on an actor’s expression, to give significance to a certain object, or to direct the audience to some other important element of the film. In your monster movie, you might use a close-up of the monster’s teeth or claws to show how ferocious it is, or decide to zoom in on a frightened passerby to illustrate his or her fear.

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  1. About the beginning of the film:


I underline in blue what I can hear I underline in red what I can see


cars hooting- a busy road and people driving on the motorway- a man in his car – a close-up on his hands on the steering wheel- a motorway- blue and red cars- a Peugeot – a man driving on the wrong side of the road- an accident- the noise of an accident- a lot of noise – a car crash- a hospital- a man in a hospital- words and letters appearing as dribble in a football match- a man who is lying on a bed in a hospital- a man who wants to go back to work- a man who doesn’t want to go back to work- a man who is afraid of being late for work- a lot of different cars – drivers driving on the wrong side of the road


    1. True or False or We can’t tell


– football as a philosophy of life

– unity and united people

– a love story

  • a man who is depressed and has a car accident
  • Eric Cantona and Eric Bishop are friends
  • Eric Bishop is imitating Eric Cantona
  • Eric Bishop needs a coach for his on life
  • Eric Bishop has a love affair with football
  • Eric Bishop is having problems


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