audio-lingua Valentine’s Day A2

écoute  en classe  et  transcription  effectuée VALENTINE

Who is speaking?

Probably a woman, a lady.

What is it about?

It is about Valentine’s Day on 14th February (the fourteenth).

What sort of day is it?

It is a day for couples.

What do couples do in the U.K?

It is traditionally a day for couples. In the U.K, couples spend the day together. They also buy each other presents (ils s’offrent des cadeaux).

To spend the day together: passer du temps ensemble

To go on the date: sortir au restaurant ou au cinéma (rendez-vous amoureux)

It is very commercialized: c’est une fête très commerciale

The shops are filled with: Les magasins sont remplis de …

Traditionally: de façon traditionnelle A date: un rendez-vous amoureux

A meal : un repas

In the evening :en soirée

Sometimes people receive cards from secret anonymous admirers.

Others comments: people, chocolate, flowers, postcards, day, evening, actually, present, together

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