Ireland’s Saint Patrick’s Day Song

Saint Patrick’s Day Song


 The story of St Patrick’s Day

 (begin) so long ago

The lyrics in this song

Will tell you All you need to know

The seventeenth of March

 Is when this joyous holiday

 Is celebrated happily

With colorful parades

Dee Lai Dee Dai

Dee Dai Dee Dai

Dee Lai Dee Dai

Dee Dai Hum…Hum…


Patrick (be) only sixteen when

The pirates (capture )him

They (sell) him to slavery

And (take) him to Ireland

He (keep) the faith

And (make) his escape

When he (be) twenty-two

And (make) it back to Britain

‘Twas the only home he (know)


Patrick (have) a vision

 To return to Ireland

 And (vow) to teach Christianity

Until the bitter end

 Legend says that

Patrick (use)

The shamrock to explain

That the Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Are all and one the same


On this day the Irish dress

 In many shades of green

And some are feeling lucky

With the leprechauns they’ve seen

 It’s music and fun for everyone

 We’ll party and we’ll play

Come one, come all

Come join along

On this St. Paddy’s Day!


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