A1-A2 Christmas!


What did you see on Christmas Day?

What can you see on Christmas Day?


What did you get for Christmas?

I got a computer, lots of books and pencils,

T shirts, trousers, trainers   and  tickets for going to the cinema,


 spoons, forks, 1 knife or 3 dark  knives


two apricots   and three pears

one bar of chocolate,

a big bowl  of soup 

spiders   and frogs,

bread  and  oranges,

maps   and  firefox

chairs   and  cars      and buses

flowers and gardens


a laptop, a bicycle, a boat, and many sleep on a cheap ship

chips and crisps 

ice-cream  and  cakes

kitchens and schools

glasses and trees, roads and armchairs,

good marks, great friends, teachers who give us good marks!

friendly brothers and sisters, parents who give us a lot of love

nice pets, two cats, one fish, three dogs,

one duck, six turkeys,

four mice and one thousand pigs!

And guess what?

I saw the Queen,

Queen Elizabeth II 

in  a carriage drawn by horses

She smiled at me and it made my day!

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