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A2 In the future I will be a magician or a fairy! *** Jobs ***


 In the future, I will be a doctor flying to the moon!

To fly to the moon= voler vers la lune

I will be…je serai…

I will be a child minder (assistante maternelle)

I will be a midwife (sage femme)

I will be a soldier (soldat) and a pilot.

I will be a nurse (infirmière) and a vet (vétérinaire)

I will be a cook. (cuisinier)

I will be a pediatrician (pédiatre)

a farmer (agriculteur), a lawyer (avocat), a teacher, a steward, a surgeon (chirurgien)

I will be a lorry driver (chauffeur routier)

I will be an architect! A fire-man (pompier),

I will be The President of the Universe!

I will be a chemist! I will be a pharmacist!

I will be a dentist!

I will be a hair-dresser! I will look after people with handicaps!

I will be a secretary!

I will be a headmaster! (principal d’un établissement scolaire)

I will be an accountant (comptable)

I will clean the streets! I will clean the gardens and the parks!

I will be a painter, a film-maker, a writer, an archeologist,

I will become patient, polite [ai], friendly, smarter (plus intelligent),

hard-working= travailleur/se, respectful (respectueux), generous,

more generous, less talkative (moins bavard), helpful (qui aide autrui), compassionate (qui a de la compassion pour), on time! (à l’heure)…

Last but not least, I will be the magician who will always make people happier and happier!

Je serai le magicien ou la fée qui rendra les gens toujours plus heureux!

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